The German Market is back, Ja

The largest outdoor Christmas Market in the country is back and it’s right on our doorstep

It’s that time of time year again; put on your wooly hat and get those big sausages down ya at Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market.

It’s become a huge favourite with brummies, students and visitors to the city from all over the UK and Europe.

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Birmingham has been twinned with Frankfurt for more than 40 years and the Christmas Market has ran for the last 12 years, making it the centrepiece of the city’s annual Christmas calendar.

The traditional stalls offer handmade toys, Christmas decs, original jewellery and crafty bits and bobs.

Amaretto and Mulled wine - mhmmmm

Amaretto and Mulled wine – mhmmmm

But don’t forget the food…

You can get drunk in the middle of the day off mulled wine (Gluhwein) and German beer while no one cares.

Christmas, monkey + beer = ?

We want this hat

Then feast upon grilled sausages, pretzels, gingerbread, crepes and marzipan sweets.

But that’s not all folks – this year there’s an ice skating rink outside Brum’s new library for us to all fall flat on our faces.

Fancy face-planting this?

Fancy face-planting this?

It might be slightly early to get the tree out but don’t be a scrooge! Go and make the most of the Christmas Market- it’s sehr gut. 

Venue: Victoria Square, New Street, Centenary Square & Chamberlain Square
Date: 14th November – 22nd December
Time: 10am – 9pm