Don’t be COY, let’s get naked

Is the promise of a ‘very, very different…one-off, bespoke’ student night too good to be true?

With its impressive light show, large pool-like water feature and ballet dancers greeting us on entrance, it became clear that we were not in for our normal student night of strawpedo-ing cheap bottles of wine, sweaty masses of bodies rubbing up against each other and the casual chunder pools in various spots in and around the club.

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COY is not your average student night

Admittedly, after claiming that “COY isn’t just an event, it’s a choice” and promoting restaurants such as Lasan Restaurant  with £22.95 mains, I, as many others, branded COY as an expensive and pretentious night, full of loaded snobby people.

Its Facebook marketing and website are a little more ‘out-there’ than what a normal student night embodies; cheap booze, loud music, raucous behaviour, dodgy post-night fast food joints and cheap booze.

We should get ballet dancers for Fab

We should get ballet dancers for Fab

But if unique is the aim, then yes it was truly accomplished  as there aren’t many ballet dancers strutting around Broad Street, and luckily it seems it is only the marketing that holds this OTT grandeur. The night was brought back down to earth by the students that attended, the naked swimming, and the fact that we were in Digbeth, which all made for a good night.

Students who attened brought the event back down to earth

Students who attended brought the event back down to earth

COY? Yes, please

Most attendees were  COY-virgins, which made the smaller 3 rooms over 3 floors (2 with smoking balconies) perfect for the expected chat about this greatly anticipated night… or just to chirpse. Of the people there, the majority stuck to a Mechu style dress code to live up to this high-class event, and granted, everyone looked good with blazers, chinos, heels and bodycon all over the place. However, it was a little awkward for the few casual jeans wearers who may have taken the dress code ‘The Best Version of Yourself’ as a chance to express their low self-esteems.

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Stronger drinks than you can stomach, great venue, classy atmosphere with no sweat or vomit puddles, casual nudity in the pool – what more could you ask for? Ladies were dressed up in the tightest dresses and highest heels, with the ratio of girls:guys being in the boys’ favour- a bit of a fanny-fest.

Houston, we have a problem! 

If COY wants to maintain their name and popularity as a student night it seriously needs to reconsider its ticket price. £10 on the door, (£8 if you buy in advance for students) is more than most of us would spend on a loved one at Christmas, even if the event is only fortnightly. Let’s be realistic, we’re students.

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If you fancy a change from your standard messy Stupid Tuesdays, keep an eye out for COY’s next event on their Facebook page.