Brumski Bucket List

For all Brumski virgins, here’s a Brumski Bucket List – the ultimate check list to keep in mind on the slopes

Brumski is like freshers. With snow. On acid.

If you’re looking for a relaxed week of gentle skiing and reading by the fire in a chalet whilst eating chocolate fondue, don’t go on Brumski. But, if like me, you were seeking a week of hedonism and escapism, make sure you either make their Christmas or Easter trips. The hangover will last a week and a bit but it’s worth it.

1. The Mountain Meal

Go on it. Seriously. The dress code was ‘French’ so me and my friends put on our best stereotypical costumes and ski’d there. Cue a three course meal and the most amazing cheese fondue I ever eaten. I forgot to mention the wine. We drank a lot of wine, temporarily forgetting about the fact we would have to ski back down- pretty traumatic. A lot of members got so drunk they had to be driven back.

2. Embrace the Fancy Dress

Brumski demanded fancy dress EVERY NIGHT. My highlight was ‘Shit Shirt’ night. The majority of Brum-skiers had gone for the ‘slightly indie but still acceptable’ shirt choice. But I wore this bad boy with pride!

I enjoyed looking like an uncool uncle on a family holiday in Hawaii.

3. Dance on a table (at some point)

Dancing on tables is weird. You get up there and due to a combination of drunkenness and over-enthusiastic dancing, nearly fall off frequently. But it’s bloody good fun. And It’s a right of passage in Brumski. If you can master dancing on table in Ski Boots I applaud you.

4. Befriend ‘The’ Kebab Man

Who is the Kebab Man?! I hear you ask. Well, once you’re on Brumski, you will know. It’s pretty much the only place open for drunk food near the clubs/bars and it’s worth befriending him. He loves the students. When you walk in, disorientated and hungry, he turns up the music and insists on dancing with you. Also the place is called ‘Le Kebab’ and that bit of French officially makes the concept of Kebabs a bit classier – non?

5. Do something stupid in the Snow

Another cliché here, acting like a ‘kerazy student’, but it’s inevitable that this will happen. For my friends and I, whether it consists of making snow angels post-clubbing or rolling around completely naked, it’s just fun…despite the colds we acquired the next day.

Or you could just take a nap in the snow…

Brumski was unforgettable. I looked ridiculous for a week and drank enough mulled wine to last a lifetime. On Brumski you either feel hungover, tired, or drunk – there is no happy medium, but I maintain it’s a must for Birmingham students.

The Tab’s Sam Curtis