A record year for RON

It’s just not their year…A record number of votes for RON in this year’s Guild elections, with VPE and VPDR scraping a win

It was a record breaking election for RON this year, obtaining 47.1% of the vote for VPE, and 45.5% for VPDR. Our new Vice President of Democracy and Resources Thomas Wragg was said to be “nervous” for the 2014 campaign before the results were announced on Saturday evening.

“The left will be back again next year”. Maybe in a suit?

He had every right to be. With a strong social media campaign exposing affronts to democracy and strong links to disgraced VPE Ed Bauer, the call to re-open nominations (RON) has never been stronger.

The 2014 slate were well organised, well financed and clearly sincere but the Guild Elections turned into something of an embarrassment for them. Securing only 5 out of the 14 positions 2014 candidates ran for, the entire slate couldn’t beat even one other candidate – all of the 5 positions they won they were unopposed.

I reckon the other five could take them…

Tom’s earlier nerves were shown to be justified as he narrowly beat RON by 2281 votes to 1904. Hattie Craig, the only other successful 2014 candidate came even closer to a Guild first, scraping past RON by just 239 votes.

When remembering that a vote cast for RON translates as a vote of no confidence in the current candidate, it must be alarming to all five of the 2014 officers to see such a vocal display from the student body. Their revolutionary slate tactics were an all-or-nothing gamble, as without a majority in the Guild, 2014 are left with the very much outnumbered and very much opposed bare bones of their movement.

Unfortunately for those five candidates, there is no get out. No matter how embarrassing it must be, they are now bound to their positions.

We approached VPE elect Hattie Craig for an interview, however she refused and said that she did not want to lend The Tab ‘any legitimacy by being interviewed now or in the future.’

In the meantime let me leave you with this link, it might help you take the edge off.

I’ll tell you what’s refreshing…! Guild politics…

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom for the 2014 candidates. No, if things get too much for them and they really want out, they can always follow in the footsteps of a certain previous VPE…


Our congratulations to all elected officers!