Boozy Notts Hockey supporters invade Birmingham

Sport editors Chris and Tom went to watch the mens 1sts Hockey team take on Nottingham, however were distracted by the boozy Notts supporters.


The Birmingham mens 1sts Hockey team made it to the final of the championships in a tight match against the Nottingham 1sts on Wednesday. It was a day to remember for the players, however not so much for the Nottingham supporters who were getting boozy on the sidelines.

Birmingham are headed for the final

The match was a tight affair, although it probably shouldn’t have been. UOB went 1-0 up early on only for Notts to pull back a scrappy goal.

Then Birmingham started to run away with it, taking it to 4-1 and looking comfortable, helped on by a passionate crowd. It then started to go wrong and with 10 mins left Nottingham had made it 4-4. But they didn’t panic and Birmingham scored a late goal to secure a well-deserved place in the final.

We met up with some of the Nottingham fans and got their opinion on the game…only joking! We watched their keeper being waxed and some VK being downed through a vuvuzela. Unaay…

The aftermath of the waxing. . .