The Vintage Fair

On Saturday, The Tab got its ‘cool’ on and headed over to the Custard Factory for the Vintage fair.

cow custard factory vintage vintage fair

People love a vintage fair, so here’s what we thought of Brum’s.

The fair was in here

Here’s what was good:

1. It was a quid to get in.

2. Packed full of stalls, selling all the vintage favourites you’d expect (jumpers, retro sweatshirts, Levi shorts).

3. Cheaper or at least on par with your average student-friendly high street store (and definitely cheaper than COW).

4. Towards the end, stall owners were fairly open to haggling.

Itchy jumpers galore

Here’s what wasn’t so good:

1. The stall owners all stood awkwardly staring at you and sussing you out if you look through their rail. Maybe we looked like criminals, but in any case, it couldn’t have been conducive to selling lots of stock.

2. It was too cramped – they need to get a bigger space.

3. It might be cheaper than COW, but that doesn’t say much. Considering what you’re getting is essentially second hand clothing, it still wasn’t all that cheap. Not sure I get the hype. Maybe I’m not edgy enough.

4. There were quite a lot of weird clothes/crap to wade through.

5. Standard problem at Vintage places, but a lot of the clothes smelt like the back of my Gran’s wardrobe.

Glorified jumble sale

By the end of it, we just felt tired and a bit creeped out by the staring stall owners.

If you still want some vintage therapy, heed our tips:

1. Show up late to the next fair– you’re more likely to get things at a cheaper price, and it won’t be so cramped.

2. Or, forget about the fair altogether and just hit eBay – it’s cheaper and you avoid all       the self-indulgent ‘edgy’ types.