Kim Kardashian is opening a Belfast pub and its speciality is Baby Guinness

She loved her last pint of Guinness so much, she’s decided to open a pub

Kim Kardashian loved her London pint of Guinness to ring in St Patrick’s Day so much, she’s decided to open her own pub in Belfast.

Clearly already a connoisseur, she knows a London pint of Guinness tastes a bit like a bag of coppers and is planning to open her own pub in south-Belfast where she can trust a proper pint of Guinness is poured.

Although little is known about the plans so far, a source told The Belfast Tab, members of Kim’s team have been seen assessing locations throughout Belfast over the past week.

One of the suggested locations is reported to be near the Queen’s University campus near the University Road.

Members of Kim’s team have been allegedly looking at sites down University Road

Reacting to the news, first year student April Pint, told The Belfast Tab: “This is just surreal. I really hope she comes down to the pub when it opens. I know I’m going to be a regular.”

Stella McGuinness, a final year philosophy student at Queen’s took a more cautious approach. “Hey listen, fair play to her if she wants to come and do it but I saw that stunt she pulled in London, I’m not buying it.

“I’ll say it here now, Kim come to Belfast, we’ll have a few baby Guinness together and then I’ll teach you how to pour the perfect pint.”

You might wanna check the date, you April Fools x

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