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Popular Aberdeen music venue to close due to coronavirus fears

Krakatoa is to close its doors for the next few months

Krakatoa bar has made the decision to close its doors for the next two to three months to give themselves the opportunity to self isolate amidst coronavirus fears.

The team released a statement on their Facebook page earlier this morning outlining their reasoning for taking such drastic measures.

Good morning*We’ve taken the decision to shut Krakatoa for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. This is in light…

Posted by Krakatoa on Thursday, 12 March 2020

In their post they say, “Places where large numbers of people congregate in small enclosed (and often) sweaty indoor spaces present perfect conditions for spreading this virus, particularly on busy weekend nights, and our mission is to enhance the local grassroots music scene, not spread disease. It’s only a matter of time before the government implements a lockdown anyway, and we’d rather everyone got ahead of that curve.” 

They went on to tell the Tab, “If as predicted Covid-19 affects 70% of the UK population, that would result in 2,275,000 people passing through intensive care units, for extended stays. With the best will in the world there’s nothing like that capacity available in the short-term, let alone the people to staff it, particularly if those workers are also getting sick. Unless social distancing is used to slow down transmission of this virus then lots of people could die. Scotland and the UK both need change course and fast, starting with closing all the schools. We’d strongly urge other non-essential businesses to follow our example, because this is the right thing to do.”

The Trinity Quay bar, popular with students and music lovers alike, are now having to issue refunds for all scheduled gigs between now and the end of May when they will then reassess the situation.

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