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SDR full? Here are the best spots to sit in-between lectures

There’s more to life than the library and its hole

If you’re sick of having to scour seven floors in search of that last empty desk in the library, while having to be mentally prepared for a physical fight in case another person is also looking for a place to sit, we have a solution for you. 

In case the fear of Coronavirus is not as big as the fear of failing an exam, and the library does not end up empty this spring after all, there are plenty of alternatives where you can pass your time in-between lectures. Whether you have a couple of hours until your next class and actually need to get some work done or whether you are just looking for a place to kill some time, we’ve got you covered.

The best places for when you’re trying to write an essay an hour before the deadline:

Elphinstone Hall

Elphinstone Hall is probably one of the quietest places on campus, only interrupted every once in a while by someone playing the piano or the violin. (Though that arguably doesn’t really qualify as an interruption)

King’s College

Another spot on campus that is usually rather quiet, except for the 5 minutes to and past the hour, when everyone feels the need to share the oh-so-exciting thoughts they had in the past 50 minutes. (Can you believe this used to be a library? Petition to turn it back into one?)

The Zoology Building

If skeletons and animal remains don’t freak you out and the occasional student in a lab coat frantically running around doesn’t bother you, the Zoology building might be for you.

William Guild (Psychology Building)

Though admittedly quite busy during the ten minutes it takes everyone to get to their next class, William Guild is usually rather quiet for the remaining 50 minutes or so. It is especially empty on Wednesdays, so take note.

Just had a tutorial and you’re feeling Instagram-deprived?

These five spots are perfect for catching up on social media, reading a book, or just staring into nothingness and waiting for the time to pass:

King’s College (1st floor)

Pro: The sofas are so incredibly comfortable that I’ve seen people sleep on them for several hours. Contra: Did they fall asleep intentionally?

Fraser Noble

Perfect if you like watching the seagulls – but then again, who actually likes seagulls in the first place?

Edward Wright (1st and 2nd floor)

Even though Edward Wright definitely can’t be described as “beautiful inside and out”, the sofas on the first and second floor are surprisingly comfortable and it is usually quietly enough for them to almost qualify as silent study rooms.

The Infohub

Perfect if you’ve just got 30 minutes or so until your next class. Also, it already gives you the perfect opportunity to practice hanging out by the water cooler (which we all know is an essential part of any future job).

St Mary’s

If you are like me and you’re thinking about food every minute of every day, these sofas can either be perfect for you because your next snack is just two steps away, or you will not get any work done – because food. Or maybe you’re one of those superhumans who somehow magically manage to concentrate on their work in the presence of food? Can’t relate.

Craving social contact or food?

The next six places will feed you and are also the perfect spots for catching up on your friend’s new love-drama:


Whilst Kilau’s outdoor and upstairs seating areas are pretty nice, it is their dark chocolate brownie that keeps me awake at night. (Literally)


Starbucks, Starbucks, Starbucks. (Try saying it three times fast and maybe a Venti Latte will appear) Some love it, some hate it, but we can’t deny that their brown sofas that have been there for what feels like eternity (and they look it) are amongst the most comfortable things that anyone’s booty has ever had the privilege of sitting on.

Foodstory Zero

Sustainable, Tumblr-esque, healthy, vegan-friendly, incredibly delicious – need I say more?


Whilst Grub’s paninis are known for their magical hangover-curing abilities, it is actually also worth coming here in the afternoon for some social time with your friends. And if you get a seat by the window, you might become one of the few lucky people who managed to spot a seagull stealing food from a student passing by. (P.S. I might have been attacked myself – once. Or twice.)
Also a good place to go if you need your daily doggo fix – there’s nearly always a furry friend in here.

Orchard Café

Looking for a cute café with a great selection of cakes that will leave you thinking about them for weeks (okay fine-), *months* after? Well, here you go.

Student Union Building

Arguably not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other food hotspots, but here you have a great selection of cuisines, plus it is usually so full and loud that absolutely no one will be able to listen in on your conversations. Bonus? Bonus.

If you don’t feel like eating and like enjoying the sun (or rain), or if you don’t mind being attacked by seagulls, these spots are perfect for you:

Cruickshank Botanic Garden

If this photo doesn’t immediately inspire you to grab a book and head to Cruickshank for an impromptu reading session, I don’t know what will.

The benches outside Elphinstone Hall

We all know the benches from seeking refuge here on the not-so-rare occasion when 60 seconds of rain make you feel like you just finished a two-hour-long workout (not that I have any knowledge of what that feels like) – but they are actually quite nice to sit on in spring as well.

King’s College courtyard

Probably one of the most peaceful places on campus. Absolutely perfect if you want to have a minute to yourself and you don’t mind ending up on random tourists’ photos of King’s College.

The Scott Brown Quadrangle (aka the grass area outside Taylor)

Who knew that was this spots actual name? Not me. Kudos to everyone who decides to unwrap their food here and start eating. You belong in Gryffindor – or Hufflepuff? #seagullhotspot

The benches behind Edward Wright

As we have already established, Edward Wright is not the most aesthetically pleasing building, but if you just focus on the trees or the grass, it is actually quite a nice place to just sit and stare into nothingness.

In case you’re still not convinced that there are actual alternatives to the library, I guess in the near future we will  either have to actually fight for a desk, or we will simply have to divide up the floor in the library into little squares. Who needs a chair and a desk anyway?
P.S. Dibs on choosing the first square.