Here’s a complete rundown of all the young royals you need to know about

Why do they all seem to go to Edinburgh Uni??

Sometimes it feels as if the royal family is incredibly removed from our lives. Especially given that most of the most well-known British royals are either close to, if not above forty or are the very young children of those royals.

It takes an event like the Queen’s funeral to remember there’s a whole world of lesser-known minor royals out there who go to the same Russell Group unis you did, documenting their boujee lives on Instagram.

It’s time to meet the obscure grandchildren, great-grandchildren, grand-nieces and nephews of the Queen. All of whom live the lives that come with the grandeur of very much being part of the aristocracy but are far back enough in the line of succession to not have to ever worry about the duty of the royal family. What a dream.

Lady Amelia Windsor

young royals British

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Lady Amelia Windsor is the granddaughter of the Queen’s cousin, Prince Edward. The 27-year-old who goes by “Mel” is currently 42nd in the line of succession. She graduated from Edinburgh Uni in 2018 where she studied French and Italian. She took a gap year before uni, loves avocados and admits not being able to go without listening to Radio 4 – I’ve no doubt she loved her four years in Marchmont.

She is currently a model signed with Storm, the agency who also launched the careers of Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. She promotes a number of sustainable fashion organisations as well as working as a contributor for Talia Collective.

Arthur Chatto

young royals British

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23-year-old Arthur is a personal trainer and the son of the Queen’s only niece. Just like Amelia Windsor, Arthur studied at Edinburgh Uni, graduating with a degree in history of art. Since uni, he’s joined the Royal Marines and appeared at the Queen’s funeral in his uniform.

Since uni he’s deleted his social media accounts. In his deleted account, it showed him going out on student nights in Edinburgh as well as taking part in numerous adventure sports like arctic diving, rowing and mountain climbing. He has also previously admitted to watching The Crown.

Sam Chatto

young royals British

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On paper Sam and his younger brother Arthur live very similar lives. Both went to Eton. Both went to Edinburgh Uni and then they both did history of art. However, that’s where the similarities stop. Sam Chatto describes himself in his Instagram bio as a “maker”. The 26-year-0ld great-nephew of the Queen sculpts wood-fired ceramics.

He sells his pottery on his own website although it is currently all sold out. In his spare-time he’s also a yoga teacher.

Lady Louise Windsor

Louise Windsor actually has a far more direct link to the Queen than most other young royals in this list, as the eldest granddaughter of the late monarch.

The 18-year-old hit the headlines earlier this year when The Sun reported she’d been working in a local garden centre as a summer job for £6.83 an hour. Despite this, she lives in a reported £30 million mansion in Surrey. She has just begun university at St Andrews where she is studying English.

Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley

Charles Armstrong Jones or by his official title, Viscount Linley is the grandson of Princess Margaret.

Charles went to Eton before going to Loughborough where he studied product design. As a minor royal, he’s allowed to have social media, but there is little to work out about the 23-year-old graduate whose accounts are set to private.

Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones

Margarita is the 20-year-old younger sister of Charles. She grew up up in Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire and attended the nearby private school, Tudor Hall.

With a photography account and jewellery making business that wouldn’t look out of place among a Leeds or Bristol student, Margarita is actually in her final year at Oxford Brookes.

Columbus Taylor

Columbus has kept himself out of the limelight. He is 44th in line for the throne, counting Prince George (the Queen’s uncle) as his great grandfather. The son of two artists, he often shares pictures of art galleries on his social media and is believed to be living in New York.

Cassius Taylor

Cassius boasts being called the “bad boy of the royal family” by Tatler for doing outrageous things like wearing a chain, going to festivals and wearing “sunglasses a lot of the time” and then posting pictures of these maverick things on his Instagram. Shocking.

The 25-year-old went to Wellington before trading in picturesque Berkshire countryside for the equally beautiful New Cross in south London where he attended Goldsmiths University. Graduating with a degree in arts management, he then worked at his dad’s art gallery in Mayfair – as you do. Currently he co-runs an events company called telltale.

Flora Vesterberg

Flora is the granddaughter of the Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra of Kent. She describes herself as an art historian and broadcaster. On her website you can book a private bespoke tour of any number of galleries, museums and art fairs by the 56th in line to the throne.

27-year-old Flora married her Swedish husband, Timothy Vesterberg in 2020 and wrote for Vogue Scandinavia last year.

Alexander Ogilvy

Not many people had heard of Alexander before this week, that was until videos of the 25-year-old arriving at Westminster Abbey began going viral on TikTok. Comparisons have ranged from royalty to EastEnders with some commenters saying he looks like a  “young Prince Phillip” and others convinced he’s Peter Beale.

He’s 58th in line to the throne and graduated from Ivy League College, Brown University in 2020 where he studied computer science and economics.

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