Meet Sam and Arthur Chatto: The young royal brothers everyone is obsessed with

They both went to Edinburgh Uni, naturally x

TikTok absolutely cannot stop talking about two fit young members of the royal family, brothers called Sam and Arthur Chatto. The Edinburgh University grads are the 23- and 26-year-old grandsons of Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, and are currently 29th and 30th in line to the throne. Everyone is absolutely dying to know more about them, so who actually are Sam and Arthur Chatto?

Here’s everything you need to know about royal brothers Sam and Arthur Chatto:

Who is Arthur Chatto?

Arthur Chatto is 23 years old and went to Eton, before studying geography at Edinburgh University. After leaving university he joined the Royal Marines, wearing his uniform at state occasions where he has appeared alongside the royal family. Arthur doesn’t have an Instagram account any more, but used to have well over 150k followers. He posted images that showed he enjoyed working out, arctic diving, mountain climbing and playing the bagpipes.

In 2020, when he was a third year student, Arthur and three friends from Exeter University rowed in a race around the entire British coastline as part of GB Row. It took them 42 days, setting the world record for the youngest team to complete this route, and also for the fastest supported row. The team raised over £30,000, donating the money to the British Red Cross’ Covid-19 response and plastic-free ocean charity Just One Ocean.

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He is one of the only royal family members to openly admit they’ve watched The Crown, saying: “I guess it’s only an interpretation. So I just kind of remember what they’re actually like and don’t let the TV persona mar my judgment of any of them.”

Who is Sam Chatto?

Arthur’s 26-year-old brother is Sam Chatto. He also went to Eton and then Edinburgh University, studying history of art and graduating in 2018. Sam seems very wholesome and he’s into yoga, travel and pottery making, by the looks of his Instagram feed. He has just under 100k Insta followers and signs off most of his posts with some version of “Love Sam x” which is, uh, nice.

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After finishing uni Sam took a six-week apprenticeship in the north of Scotland learning about pottery and ceramics and it looks like he’s worked making ceramics since. He is also trained to teach yoga.

Whilst at uni in Edinburgh, Sam was President of Diagnostic Society – the university’s oldest debating society founded in 1816. Debates are held at black tie events, and senior members have to wear robes.

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