Everything this year’s dumped Islanders have been up to since they left the villa

They’re signing to agencies, dating new people and releasing music!

This year, as ever, Love Island has given us bombshells and and new cast members galore. So naturally, there has ended up being a whole bunch of dumped Islanders in the Love Island 2022 cast. As we head all the more closer to the final this year, it’s time to catch up with those who didn’t make it, and see what they’ve been up to.

For many, the show is springboard to minor fame and brand deals. They come out the villa, get clothing lines, attend events and parties, and their lives are changed forever. Here’s everything the Islanders that were dumped from or left Love Island 2022 have been up to since.

Liam Llewellyn

via Instagram @liamllew_

Liam wasn’t dumped, but he was the first Islander to leave Love Island 2022. “Obviously we all came here for the same reason but I haven’t really been feeling I have been giving 100 per cent Liam,” he told his fellow Islanders. “I know what 100 per cent Liam looks like and I am miles off that. I’ve been thinking long and hard, this isn’t a spur of the moment thing. I have made the decision that I am going to leave the villa. It has been a breeze, and absolute ball.”

Since leaving the villa, he’s settled back into normal life. He’s posted on Instagram about being back in Cardiff and meeting up with his friends, and he’s been on a trip to Ireland. He’s been hanging out loads with his fellow Islanders, even some who weren’t in the villa at the same time as him, and has celebrated his birthday! Plus, if you want a personalised video from Liam, he’s now on Cameo! A personalised video from him is just £42 – a steal.

Afia Tonkmor

What the dumped Islanders from the cast of Love Island 2022 are up to now

via Instagram @afiatonkmor

Afia has been on podcasts and done loads of interviews about her time in the villa. But, she has since said there’s big change coming for her now Love Island is over, because she’s moving to Bali! “I was always going to move to Bali and then [Love Island] came about,” she told Heat World. “I feel like the UK right now is just not my vibe at this present moment in time.”

Remi Lambert

via Instagram @remilambo

Remi was also one of the first Islanders to be dumped from Love Island 2022, leaving the villa on day 14. The first thing he did after his exit was hop straight on a podcast and say how much he “hates” Jacques, and claimed the rugby player “ruined” his Love Island experience.

Since then, he’s been back to Manchester and has been hanging out with loads of other dumped Islanders, like this year’s Casa Amor bunch. He posted saying that right now he’s “Living my best life”. Fair enough.

Ikenna Ekwonna

What the dumped Islanders from the cast of Love Island 2022 are up to now

via Instagram @ikenna._

This year, it seems as though you get dumped from the villa and then do a podcast tour straight away. Just after leaving the show, Ikenna posted about doing three in one day, including a debrief alongside Toby from last year’s series. He’s been spotted hanging out with loads of the Islanders, and went to an ITV party with a bunch of other 2022 cast members.

BUT. Big news! Ikenna has sparked romance rumours, after being spotted leaving an ITV party with TOWIE star Dani Imbert. Yep, they are arm-in-arm. Has Ikenna moved on?!

Amber Beckford

via Instagram @amberbeckford

Amber was dumped from the Island with Ikenna, following a vote from the public. Since leaving the villa, Amber has done a string of interviews and appearances speaking about her time on Love Island. In an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Amber spoke about Indiyah and Dami coupling up with each other. When asked if she had any idea about Indiyah and Dami wanting to get to know each other, Amber said: “No, not one. Me and Ikenna sort of saw it at the same time and both looked at each other like ‘what?’. We were looking at everyone’s outfits and we were like ‘wait we were in there when they were having these chats, what the hell?’.”

She also casually said she thinks 2021 winners Millie and Liam “staged” their breakup, saying it was pretty convenient they broke up during the latest season of the show. Umm, sure?  “Maybe it’s like, staged,” she said on Reality with Will Njobvu.“Like, what a coincidence [to split now]. Sorry… they might be going through a hard time. I wonder what happened?”

Charlie Radnedge

What the dumped Islanders from the cast of Love Island 2022 are up to now

via Instagram @charlieradnedge

If you’ve avoided videos of Charlie on your TikTok FYP since he left Love Island, then congrats, because he’s everywhere. He keeps doing Instagram Q&As about every aspect of villa life and they’re constantly shared to TikTok, too. Want to know about being on the show? Get yourself on Charlie’s Insta, it’s where all the goss is at.

Life after Love Island hasn’t been too bad for Charlie, as he’s done a string of interviews, gone back to hanging out with his Made in Chelsea cast member friends, and has been to a film premiere.

Antigoni Buxton

via Instagram @antigoni

Since leaving Love Island, Antigoni has definitely made sure she’s kept busy. She’s been to Wireless, has been hanging around with ex-Islanders including Amber Gill, Chloe Burrows and Kaz Kamwi, and went to London Pride. She also posted all about going to brunch with her mum, Jacques and his mum – honestly the most adorable thing ever. Oh, and she’s gone back to making music and has a new single coming out soon! It’s all happening in Antigoni’s world.

Jay Younger

What the dumped Islanders from the cast of Love Island 2022 are up to now

via Instagram @jayyounger_

Straight after Jay was dumped, Jacques left the villa, and Jay had us all on our toes after posting a picture of a plane saying he was coming back to fill Jacques’ space. He wasn’t, obviously. Reflecting on his time, Jay posted to say: “Thank you so much for all the love. Such a fun experience and one I’ll never forget.” He’s posted to say he’s back in the gym, naturally, and has been hanging out with Laura Whitmore.

It looks as though Jay has adopted Love Island as being part of his personality, regularly live tweeting the show. He thinks Ekin-Su and Davide should win, btw.

Jacques O’Neill

via Instagram @jacques9oneill_

Jacques left the Love Island villa to focus on his mental health. He’s since said in an interview he regrets going on the show, it “broke” him and left him feeling lower than ever. It’s not really much of a surprise that since then, he’s kept quite a low profile and has been focusing on himself.

He has however since given an update on his mental health, and has said he’s feeling much better now. “I just want you all to know that I’m in such a better place mentally,” he said in a post. “A huge reason for that is because of all the love and support I have received! I’d be in a much darker place if it wasn’t for all of your kind words, so thank you again I appreciate it so much.”

He also turned down a £60k offer to appear on Celebs Go Dating, saying he wants to wait for Paige to leave the villa. Jacques has just announced he is now signed to The Social PR agency, which is the management run by ex-Islander, Scott Thomas. Big things ahead!

Coco Lodge

What the dumped Islanders from the cast of Love Island 2022 are up to now

via Instagram @coco_lodge

Coco left the Love Island 2022 villa after being dumped on day 40, alongside Josh. Since then, she’s opened up a lot about her time on the show. She’s been on multiple podcasts, and spoken about the effects of trolling and online abuse she has had.

She’s also said, whilst she will definitely be on the look out for new opportunities, she’s going back to her day job now, because she’s “skint”. “I’m actually going to go back to shot girling next week,” she said on a podcast. She said she does it through an agency, but will most likely be working at a student nightclub, watch out for her!

Since Coco, Billy Brown and Summer Botwe have also been dumped together, and more recently, Deji Adeniyi, Lacey Edwards, Nathalia Campos, and Reece Ford were all dumped. We’ll have to wait and see for what they get up to.

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