Yikes! The biggest editing and production errors there have been on Love Island 2022

Some of these really shouldn’t have gone unnoticed

Love Island has been called out for dodgy editing and some of the scenes feeling staged countless times. So now is the time to take a look at Love Island 2022, and see all the times the editing team really should have gone through things with a fine-tooth comb just that little bit more.

From outfits changing half way through conversations, Islanders glitching and name labels being off – here are all the times the production team or editing went a lil bit wrong during Love Island 2022.

Luca and Gemma’s outfits changed mid conversation

Editing fails and production errors from Love Island 2022

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The first time Love Island 2022 fans spotted a huge editing error was just one week into the show. A clip went viral, showing when in one of the first episodes, Luca and Gemma’s outfits completely changed in the middle of a conversation.

At the start of the video, Gemma is wearing a beige dress and gold strappy heels, but after cutting to show other Islanders and then returning back, Gemma is wearing beige trousers and nude heels. The same happens to Luca, in the first bit he’s wearing a bomber style jacket and black trainers, and in the second he’s wearing a white t-shirt and white Converse.

The clip was shown to us as though the conversation was in real time, and not at all edited. The video captions the clip “quick outfit change that” and someone else points out that if the clip had carried on further, Gemma’s outfit changed back to the dress *magically* again.

At one point, there were two of Dami in the villa

Editing fails and production errors from Love Island 2022

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Another weird editing fail in Love Island 2022 came when there were two Damis in the villa at the same time. No, really. I can’t even give you an explanation as to how this might have ended up happening, but something in production went terribly wrong.

After a recoupling, the Islanders were moving away from the fire pit to spread out and discuss what had just happened. At first glance it looks like Dami has stuck around by the fire pit to chat with the boys, but look out off to the distance, and there is Dami again, walking off to somewhere else!

Yep, you can see Dami with the boys, and walking away with Indiyah all in the same frame. I can’t get my head around this at all. One person on Twitter shared the clip, and said: “Love Island, please explain why Dami is in two places at once? He’s clearly at the fire pit, and clearly walking away with Indiyah? Why edit this together? It doesn’t make sense.”

A bad case of name mixups

We’ve seen the Islanders calling their partners the wrong names plenty of times this year, but it looks as though the production team has no idea who they are either. During the first night at Casa Amor, the wrong names were put next to quite a few of the Islanders as they headed to bed.

via ITV

Gemma and Josh were sharing a bed, and the names Danica and Deji came up on screen, and when the camera moved over to the bed where Danica and Deji actually were, they were labelled as Gemma and Josh. Oops!

Editing fails and production errors from Love Island 2022

via ITV

I’m not sure what’s happening here, but something is broken

Just watch this clip of the boys in the beach hut and focus in on Deji in the back.

Is he…glitching?

A preview clip gave away a dumping

According to some reports, one of the recent preview clips gave away the result of a dumping. The preview clip apparently showed Dami and Summer in the villa later in the programme, but we hadn’t actually found out if they had been saved from a vote yet. Uh-oh!

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