Which Love Island 2022 girl are you? Take this quiz to find out

Look, we can’t all be Ekin-Su

It is time! Love Island 2022 is in full swing, so you know the deal: It’s time to take every single quiz in the world based on this year and its Islanders, starting with the classic which girl are you. The villa this year is full of personalities, so there really are a whole host of different types of gals you could be spiritually aligned to.

Are you a kind and pure soul like Paige? Or perhaps the cool girl, best friend we all need in our lives like Indiyah? Maybe you are emotionally mature but still bundles of fun like Gemma, or as Tasha would describe herself, very sassy? Danica is definitely the positive energy who is always bringing good vibes, and I think we all know what Ekin-Su brings to the table. Only a very select few can say they are equal to queen of the villa Ekin-Su, bringing chaos and drama everywhere she goes, and carrying the entire show on her back.

But you can only be one of our beloved Love Island 2022 girls, so let’s get down to it – it’s time to find out who you are in the following quiz. Good luck!

Take this quiz to finally find out which Love Island 2022 girl you truly are:

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