Love Island fans spot moment with Gemma and Luca and are calling the show staged

Love Island viewers spot huge editing error that shows a moment this year was staged

Ummm, so what’s going on here then?

Love Island viewers have already spotted a huge editing error in this year’s series, and it’s only been on for a week. Someone has posted a video on TikTok, which shows a moment with Gemma and Luca, and it points towards how we saw their conversation play out in the Love Island episode as being staged. Yikes.

In the clip, which has now been viewed over 780k times on TikTok, we can see Luca and Gemma sat together at one of the villa’s outdoor sofa areas. It’s from episode eight of the show, aired on Monday night, and they are discussing Gemma’s ex Jacques entering the villa.

@caitlin_swift.x Quick outfit change that #gemmaowen #loveisland #fyp ♬ original sound – Caitlin Swift

At the start of the video, Gemma is wearing a beige dress, but after cutting to show other Islanders and then returning back, Gemma is wearing beige trousers. The clip is shown to us as though the conversation is in real time, and not at all edited.

The video captions the clip “quick outfit change that” and someone else points out that if the clip had carried on further, Gemma’s outfit changed back to the dress *magically* again. But that’s not all. Go back and watch the clip again. Luca’s outfit changes too! In the first bit he’s wearing a bomber style jacket, and in the second he’s wearing a white t-shirt! What is going on?!

Everyone in the comments is shook they didn’t notice, and more importantly that nobody at Love Island’s production noticed. “Omg I didn’t even notice,” one person said. Another added: “I thought I was going mad. When she was sat down I thought I like them pants she has on then she stood up and it was a dress”.

Others are calling out the moment with Gemma and Luca as being further evidence Love Island is staged. “The show is so set up now I bet it’s like a soap set on it rather than reality,” someone has commented on the clip. With someone else agreeing the show is “so set up now”.


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