All the salty things dumped Islanders have said about other cast members so far

Remi hates Jacques btw

Love Island has been going on for one month and fans of the show have seen many Islanders depart the villa after being unlucky in love. Since leaving the show, the dumped Islanders have had a lot to say about their time in the villa, but also about their fellow cast members. Some comments have been flattering, with Ikenna and Afia rooting for Ekin-Su to win Love Island 2022, and some comments have just been straight up salty, with some ex-Islanders saying they hate individuals they were in the villa with.

This is all the salty things dumped Islanders have said about other cast members:

Remi Lambert

All the salty comments Love Island 2022 Islanders have said about cast

via Instagram @remilambo

Remi was a bombshell in the villa alongside Jay Younger, and while he was in the villa everyone became obsessed with his rapping and dancing skills. Speaking with Will Njobvu on a podcast, Remi has said he “hates” Jacques. While they were in the villa together, Remi says Jacques “made Love Island shit” for him and ruined his experience. During an Instagram Q&A, when asked who he really didn’t get along with in the villa, Remi responded and said: “Jacques the muppet”.

Amber Beckford

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Amber was dumped from the Island with Ikenna following a vote from the public, which also sparked the beginning of Damiyah. Since leaving the villa, Amber has done a string of interviews and appearances speaking about her time on Love Island.

In an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Amber spoke about Indiyah and Dami coupling up with each other. When asked if she had any idea about Indiyah and Dami wanting to get to know each other, Amber said: “No, not one. Me and Ikenna sort of saw it at the same time and both looked at each other like ‘what?’. We were looking at everyone’s outfits and we were like ‘wait we were in there when they were having these chats, what the hell?’.”

She continued to say: “I would have appreciated a little heads up from Indiyah but at the same time I got along really well with here, don’t want to bring girls down. All here for the women. I wouldn’t have had a go at her, but I would have been like ‘girl, you could have told me’.”

Afia Tonkmor

All the salty comments Love Island 2022 Islanders have said about cast

via Instagram @afiatonkmor

Afia entered the villa alongside Ekin-Su but was dumped from the villa after just five days. She also featured on the William Njobvu show where she said Jay was the only Islander she thought could be playing a game.

She said: “In particular, the only person I can say now who comes across like he might be playing a game is Jay.”

Antigoni Buxton

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Antigoni was dumped from the villa alongside Charlie Ragnedge after the other Islanders had to decide who had to leave the villa after a public vote.

Speaking on the YouTube show Reality with Will Njobvu, Antigoni admitted she felt blindsided by Ekin-Su’s decision to couple up with Davide. She said: “She did not make it clear that she was going to choose Davide in the recoupling that got me booted out. She literally made it seem like she was going to choose Charlie. The thing that bothered me was the misleading. But you know what, she’s brilliant. I like her as a person.

“She should pick whoever she wants. It was frustrating because even if you just pulled me to the side at lunch and was like, babes. Not because I own everybody but it left us blindsided.”

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Featured image credit via Instagram @amberbeckford, @antigoni and @remilambo.

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