Pictured is Remi from Love Island dancing

Just 10 hilarious videos of Remi from Love Island rapping and dancing

Personally, I’m a big fan

New bombshell Remi joined Love Island last night after crashing the Islanders’ party with another bombshell, Jay. Any time there is a new person set to enter the villa, there is one thing Love Island fans do best and that is going to the depths of social media to find out anything and everything there is to know about a new Islanders. Since Remi’s arrival was announced, everyone headed to his Instagram and made an interesting and amusing discovery. Remi is a dancer! Now, I’m not talking a dance grad doing 40 pirouettes in a row, this dancing is something I can’t really describe, and it’s probably best if you look for yourself. He also dabbles in rap every now and again, somebody call Chris and Kem, they could be making their way back onto the charts in no time.

Here is the very best of Remi’s dancing and rapping:

1. I’m a fan of the pivot, wbu? x

2. Merry Christmas?

3. Look at those moves!

4. It’s the tip toes for me

5. He’s multi-talented!

6. Oh dear

7. The adlibs are everything

8. What was the thought process behind this?


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9. Go off I guess


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10. This one isn’t all that bad

Featured image credit via @remilambo on Instagram.

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