‘Antigoni is my new fave’: Everything ex Love Islanders have said about this year’s cast

‘Andrew is just a little sweetheart’


Every year a number of former Love Islanders share their thoughts on the newbies taking over the villa. Whether it’s in TV interviews, newspaper columns, or on their TikTok and Twitter, they do not hold back in saying *exactly* how they feel about the new Islanders.

Last year ex Love Islanders Paige Turley, Finn Tapp and Zara McDermott all said they wanted Hugo Hammond to win. Amber Gill was tweeting her constant support for Kaz, and Olivia Attwood was classically savage, writing in her OK! Magazine column that she found Aaron’s energy “weird”.

This year they’re still at it with many of them live tweeting alongside the episodes. Amber Gill, Gabby Allen, and Chloe Burrows are just some of the Islanders who have all been sharing their unfiltered opinions on this year’s cast. They’ve been sharing who they fancy, who they think will win, and who they find slimy.

This is everything the ex Love Islanders have said about this year’s cast:

Amber Gill

via Instagram @amberrosegill

Every year Amber takes to Twitter to essentially live tweet every episode of the show and I am so here for it.

From episode one Amber was a fan of Indiyah, tweeting “I loooooove INDIYAH!” and she’s carried her love on for the rest of the series so far, tweeting a few days ago calling Indiyah “so pretty”.

Whilst everyone else was slagging off Gemma during the first episode Amber said we should give her some slack and she thinks she’s not mean just “socially awkward”.

Amber seems basically all for the girls, apart from when she called out Afia and Ekin-Su for making breakfast for the boys, but she has some strong opinions on the guys. Amber compared Andrew to Curtis Pritchard and questioned Luca’s Winston Churchill tattoo, but did say she fancied him still.

She also hasn’t held back on her opinion of the couples, she tweeted saying she wasn’t a fan of Amber and Dami: “Im so sorry I’m not into Amber & Dami I don’t know why.”

And during the earlier episodes she said she thought Gemma and Davide were not compatible. Well she’s not wrong.

Amber has continued to share her opinions on Twitter this week and is still a big fan of Ekin-Su and Gemma. She’s called Ekin-Su her “favourite person ever” and joked she was her own producer.

Despite calling Ekin-Su her favourite, Amber recently tweeted saying Gemma was still her favourite and loved the monotone vibes she was bringing to the villa.

Following the recoupling in which Danica picked Luca to couple up with, Amber said Luca was doing “too much” and she wants Gemma to find someone else in Casa Amor.

With all the drama over the weekend Amber said she finally understood why people loved Love Island, despite winning it three years ago.

Amber has continued tweeting her Love Island thoughts and said she felt sorry for Danica because of the reception she got in comparison to newest bombshell Antigoni.

She tweeted: “I feel sorry for Danica man She didn’t get a warm welcome and she got no dates.”

Amber has also expressed her constant love for Davide saying he’s “everything I thought Luca would be” and said his “god complex is wild”.

Amy Hart

via Instagram @amyhartxo

Amy Hart joined her fellow ex-Islander Amber Gill on This Morning to discuss the new cast, but she’s also been sharing her opinions on Twitter.

During the first episode Amy tweeted saying she would have stepped forward for Liam or Andrew if she was in the villa. Like Amber, Amy said she really likes Luca. Damn maybe he would have had more luck in 2019?

Amy made her prediction for the winners of the show based on the first episode and said she thought Liam and Gemma or Tasha and Andrew had a shot of being the winning couple.

Though she’s taken a break from the Love Island tweets to instead share her thoughts on the rail strike, Amy did tweet earlier this week to say Antigoni was her new favourite Islander.

Chloe Burrows

via Instagram @chloeburrows

The icon from last season, Chloe Burrows, has been regularly tweeting along to all the Love Island episodes in the last week.

During the first episode of the show Chloe shared her thoughts on most of the new cast. She said Paige and Indiyah seemed like “good vibes”, called Gemma a “man eater”, thought Tasha was “too nice” for Love Island, said Amber was there for “good TV” and she wanted Davide to win.

As the episodes have continued Chloe has shared her opinions on the boys. She expressed her sympathy for Liam, said she was initially “scared” of Luca but now likes him and thinks Dami isn’t aware of what show he’s on.

When Ekin-Su arrived into the villa Chloe seemed to be a BIG fan of her, calling her “bloody good TV” and said whoever cast her needs a raise.

During the recoupling at the end of last week, Chloe said she was rooting for Dami and Amber after watching Dami’s speech and after the Unseen Bits episode aired on Saturday, Chloe said she is now a fan of Ikenna and Indiyah and said they seemed cute. Chloe predicted Tasha has the ick and she called the newest arrival Jacques, a “smooth operator”.

Chloe has given perhaps the best review of the new series so far when she tweeted: “Producers doing a fucking EXCELLENT job this year… this series is chefs kiss.”

Chloe has continued to share her thoughts on the season on Twitter. She’s called Dami “the best person in the villa”, predicted Ekin-Su will win the series and said she thinks Ekin-Su is treating the show like Eastenders.

More recently Chloe has said she’s changed her opinion on Andrew and now thinks “he’s just a little sweetheart”. Whilst she’s a fan of Andrew she’s certianly not impressed with Jay, saying she knew “Jay was using Ekin to get in,” and argued he was jumping ship because he was in the bottom three earlier this week. And following last night’s episode Chloe called him “charmless” and said she is “anti-jay”. Really? I couldn’t tell. Ever supportive of Ekin-Su, Chloe tweeted a few days ago to say she wasn’t ready for Ekin to “catch feelings”.

After the newest arrival Charlie walked into the villa Chloe tweeted asking if he reminded anyone else of Rex from Big Brother season five.

Toby Aromolaran

ex love islanders

via Instagram @tobyaromolaran

Following in his girlfriend’s footsteps, Toby has also been sharing his opinions on this year’s cast.

During the first episode he raved about Ikenna’s choice of shoes aka Crocs. As the series has progressed he’s tweeted saying he thinks it’s impressive Gemma hasn’t mentioned who her dad is.

He tweeted: “If we’re being serious Gemma has done extremely well not to tell everyone she has a Balon D’or sitting in her house.”

Toby hilariously questioned if Davide is a real person and said he liked Jacques during last night’s episode.

Brett Staniland

via ITV2

Brett wasn’t even on the last series of Love Island for that long and yet he’s managed to become an environmental icon after leaving the show. Even though he’s frequently at protests he still has time to share some of his thoughts on this year’s Islanders.

During the first episode Brett tweeted saying Tasha was too nice for the show, whilst also shading himself. He said: “Who am I sat here saying Tasha is so lovely I’m not sure it’s the right show for her. Like Brett have you met yourself.”

Brett retweeted season three’s Gabby Allen’s tweet comparing Davide to Joe from Netflix’s You and asked for people to stop comparing Islanders to serial killers.

After it was announced Liam had decided to leave the villa Brett tweeted to say Liam seemed like an “absolutely lovely guy” and he had “massive” respect for him to leave the villa on his own terms.

Shaughna Phillips

via Instagram @shaughnaphillips

Season six Islander Shaughna Phillips regularly tweets along to the episodes of Love Island.

During the first episode she tweeted a lot, mainly expressing her instant love and attraction to Davide. However, two days later, like the rest of us Shaughna was bored of Davide the minute he started talking.

Shaughna really seems to be a fan of all the girls, particularly Paige. Last week she shared an angry gif and captioned it “If Paige gets hurt” and questioned why none of the boys liked Paige. She’s also described Ekin-Su as a “producer’s dream” and a “weapon of mass destruction.” High praise indeed.

As the season has progressed Shaughna has called Luca “slimy”, said Liam leaving the villa was “confusing”, and she thinks Jacques is “hot”.

Shaughna has continued sharing her love of Ekin-Su on Twitter and said she wants to be best friends with her. She also recently tweeted saying she liked Gemma and thought Luca had an over reaction to the recoupling in which bombshell Danica chose to couple up with him.

She tweeted: “I get Luca had the hump but he doesn’t need to be THAT mean, or am I just soft lol.”Shaughna also said she thought Luca’s chat up lines sound like Christmas cracker jokes, savage.

After Amber and Ikenna were dumped from the Island Shaughna said she was shocked and didn’t understand how Jay had more votes than Ikenna.

Shaughna is definitely a big fan of Dami, having called him “the cutest soul alive” and praising the affection he was giving Indiyah.

Ekin-Su may no longer be Shaughna’s favourite Islander after the arrival of Antigoni earlier this week. Shaughna tweeted to say “Antigoni to win because I love her.”

Following last night’s episode in which Jay said he wanted to get to know Paige, Shaughna called him a “villain” and questioned why Jacques was defneding Jay to Ekin-Su, when Jay is the guy going after Paige.

And Shaughna continued to express her love for Paige, calling her the “cutest person.” After Charlie and Tasha’s date Shaughna tweeted to say she thought they suited each other.

Gabby Allen

ex love islanders

via Instagram @gabbydawnallen

Season three Love Islander Gabby Allen has been sharing her thoughts on the new season on Twitter.

During the second episode she expressed her love for Tasha calling her a “mega babe”. Gabby shared a picture of Davide next to one of Penn Badgley, who plays Joe in Netflix’s You, and said she thought the two looked similar.

Gabby has also said she thinks Gemma and Luca have chemistry and Ekin-Su is what the show needed.

Laura Anderson

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

Season four’s runner up Laura Anderson has shared her thoughts on this season’s contestants on her Instagram stories.

She said she was a big fan of Andrew as he also lives in Dubai, where Laura is currently living, and said she found fellow Scot Jay “handsome”.

“Also Jay, a fellow Scot. We all need to get behind him. Jay Younger’s very handsome and seems like a gent. I hope he doesn’t get eaten alive.”

Laura also shared her thoughts on the Davide and Ekin-Su drama, and revealed she was Team Davide. She said: “Davide is giving me life. Wasn’t sure on him at first. I’m literally obsessed with Davide.

“He’s so cool. Good on him. Honestly I absolutely love him. I don’t want to say too much but I feel personally I am Team Davide. I love my girls, I’m always a girls girl, but I can’t help it.”

As she’s part of Team Davide, Laura doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of Ekin-Su, but does say she thinks she is “great TV”.

“I just think of how a person would be to live with in there,” she said, “She’s beautiful though and it’s great to be bold and go with your heart. If that’s what she’s doing.”

Following the arrival of Antigoni, Laura said she loved the new Islander and said she was obsessed with “how beautiful, confident and likeable” she is.

AJ Bunker

via Instagram @andreajanebunker

One of last year’s bombshells AJ Bunker, is a big fan of fellow bombshell Ekin-Su. AJ told The Sun she is loving the impact Ekin-Su is having on the villa.

She said: “I’m here for Ekin-Su. All day long. I love how she is turning the villa upside down. She sees what she wants and goes for it. Now she’s got her man Davide, and has even got Jacques and Jay in the wings just in case.

“When you’re a bombshell, you only have a short amount of time, so you have got to really get in there and stir things up. I am a very girlie girl and cared about hurting people’s feelings so I held back a bit. If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have done that so much.”

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