Ikenna and Afia from Love Island who have revealed cut scenes

Ex-Islanders Afia and Ikenna reveal juicy scenes that have been cut from Love Island so far

Ekin-Su and Davide had more than one argument!

Dumped Islanders Afia and Ikenna have revealed what scenes were cut during their time in the Love Island villa. Featuring on Murad Merali’s podcast, the ex-Islanders shared all the moments that didn’t make the episodes as we see them, including three different arguments between Ekin-Su and Davide. Ikenna was an OG Islander who was originally coupled up with Indiyah before being dumped from the villa. Afia entered the villa as a bombshell alongside Ekin-Su, she was dumped after just five days on Love Island.

Here are all the moments Ikenna and Afia have said were cut from the show:

Tension between Remi and Jacques were unaired

When asked in the podcast if there were any moments the public did not see, Ikenna said: “There were some unaired fallouts and stuff or heated conversations. I feel like Remi and Jacques spoke quite a bit. There was tension there, but they didn’t really air it in that way.” Remi entered the villa as a bombshell, and he said that Jacques “ruined” his Love Island experience for him and said there were a series of unaired arguments between the two of them while he was in the villa.

Ekin-Su and Davide had three different arguments

Continuing on from unaired arguments, Ikenna said: “There weren’t any fallouts, just heated conversations. With Ekin-Su and Davide they only showed one argument but that whole argument was broken up into two or three on the same night. There were two or three arguments, that were going back and forth, from the firepit to the daybeds to the little corner bit.” Murad said: “So there’s a lot more than happened that we didn’t even see,” and both Ikenna and Afia agreed.

Ikenna said: “We didn’t even know in there they kissed twice, that was mad. We only knew about the terrace kiss, we didn’t know that she crawled until after.”

Conversations between Islanders were cut from episodes

Despite Afia being in the villa for five days, she was not shown often during the episodes. She said: “How I came across, I’m surprised they managed to get any bits of me on there. Even when I was talking to people I don’t think I was doing anything on storyline.” Speaking about storylines on the show, Ikenna said: “That’s another big thing as well though, the storyline.” Both the former Islanders said they spoke a lot in the villa, but those moments were never aired as it was part of the “storyline” for Love Island at the time.

Afia said: “You do know when you’re speaking though, you know this is probably not going to get aired. Like we were talking about exes, you’re talking about where you’re from and what you do. It’s all chopped.”

Ekin-Su did not sleep at all on her first night in the villa

Afia and Ekin-Su both entered the villa at the same time as bombshells and on the first night they shared a bed together. Afia said: “She [Ekin-Su] did not sleep the first night. I just feel like that’s somebody who went in there ready. Every time I rolled over she was waving to everybody that would go to the toilet. She was like the greeting’s lady. Then when I woke up she was like ‘I didn’t sleep’.”

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