These 31 Love Island memes prove this might be the most chaotic Casa Amor yet

Dami is really playing with fire

Casa Amor is back with a bang and has brought with it the chaotic energy that this season of Love Island really needed. 12 new gorgeous girls and boys are blessing our TV screens with their presence, and with them came loads of drama and potential trouble in paradise that we have all been waiting for.

Just as we all thought some of the couples were in it for the long haul with Dami and Andrew packing their rings in their respective partner’s suitcase, they both went and blindsided us all by kissing Coco and Summer.

It’s safe to say that we’re all once again absolutely HOOKED on the show and Twitter is no different. But if you’re not absolutely sold on this season, here are all the best memes and reactions to Love Island this week to change your mind:

1. The man, the myth, the legend

2. Justified

3.You know it’s bad if even Jay is shook

4. Honestly, what are they doing

5. These boys are moving mad

6. The CHAOS

7. Someone make it make sense

8. The acting is *chefs kiss*

9. All hell would break loose

10. What is Dami playing at

11. Say it louder for the people in the back

12. I’m living for it

13. Where’s the lie

14. Someone please explain

15. You said it not me

16. She really is the best thing to come out of this season

17. Casa Amor really be bringing out the worst in people

18. I was rooting for you Dami, we were all rooting for you

19. We stan a girl’s girl

20. Nothing but the truth

21. Bring it on

22. I’m so ready for it

23. Have the boys all collectively blacked out

24. Manifest

25. I’m not saying anything

26. Let the games begin

27. A loyal king

28. Are you not embarrazzed?

29. Who let the dogs out

30. Oop


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