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‘We all see what I’m saying’: Amber Gill clarifies her ‘switching teams’ comments

‘It should’ve stayed in my damn drafts’

Amber Gill has clarified what she meant by “switching teams,” after some of her tweets prompted people to think she was coming out.

The reality star live-tweeted during Monday’s (4th July) episode of Love Island, before confessing it “should’ve stayed in my damn drafts.” She initially said “switching teams was the best decision I made in my life,” as well as “watching men makes me feel ill, I couldn’t put myself through it again.”

Her followers asked her to clarify whether she meant her sexuality – with one person saying: “Me and my gf were saying just yesterday that we predict you’ll end up settling down with a woman.”

According to The Mirror, Amber talked openly about the tweets and the meaning behind them on Johnny Seifert’s podcast, Secure the Insecure.

“I’ll say what I want to say when I’m ready,” she said. “There’s no need to speculate, we can all see what I’m saying.

“When I’m ready to say what I want to say, then I will. I don’t feel like I want to say anything whilst I’m single.”

Amber also talked about the pressure she immediately felt after sending the tweets. “All this speculation makes it harder for people to want to say how they really feel and talk about their sexuality,” she said. “Me putting out that tweet, I got anxiety last night… I was only trying to make a light-hearted joke about Love Island.”

Yesterday (5th July), she jokingly tweeted a follow-up: “Sometimes people call me irrelevant so much I start to believe,” she said. “Then I tweet my actual feelings and 25 articles come out… let me keep my mouth shut.”

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