Deji from Casa Amor has dumped his girlfriend before entering the villa

A girl is claiming she was dumped by her ex-boyfriend so he could go into Casa Amor

She even shared a screenshot of them on FaceTime two weeks ago, yikes

A girl claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of Deji from Casa Amor has said he dumped her right before he entered as a bombshell on Love Island. In a series of Instagram stories, a girl is claiming she was Deji Adeniyi’s girlfriend who he dumped before he went onto the show. Deji entered the Casa Amor villa during Sunday night’s show and has shown an interest in OG Islander Indiyah Polack. A tweet has been shared across Twitter of a screen recording of an Instagram story with the claims about Deji.

The Instagram stories share videos of a group of girls looking at photos of Deji’s Love Island promo picture with the caption: “Imagine finding out your boyfriend is going on Love Island”.

Another photo was shared of a screenshot of Deji on FaceTime on June 23rd, just two weeks before Deji entered the Casa Amor villa with the caption: “Imagine being dumped for Love Island”.

When asked on Twitter to see if there was any truth behind these claims, Deji’s Twitter account handler said: “She’s not even in the reserves… let alone the star player.”

The person behind Deji’s social media accounts has continued to deny the claims with a tweet that says: “Girlfriend?”, attached with a video that says: “Now you’re chasing clout”. Deji’s Twitter has also retweeted a bunch of tweets in his defence, with one saying: “Damn clout is one hell of a drug.”

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