Shaughna has revealed exactly how you can tell who will be left single after Casa Amor

She worked out before the recoupling that Callum would be coming back with someone

Casa Amor is back this year, and fans are not so patiently waiting for all the chaos that is about to erupt as it always does each year. We have met the boys and girls who are attempting to turn the heads of the resident Islanders, and some of them seem to be doing it very easily. Casa Amor was introduced in season three of Love Island and has been the ultimate test for the couples. But some of the past Islanders who have been on the show and experienced Casa Amor firsthand do not have great things to say about the show’s shock twist and have even revealed they knew their fate before it happened. Two former Love Island contestants Amy Hart and Shaughna Phillips have spoken out about their Love Island Casa Amor experience and how they worked out exactly how Casa Amor was going to play out.

Shaughna Phillips

Pictured is Shaughna Phillips who shares her Casa Amor Love Island experience

via Instagram @shaughnaphillips

Shaughna starred in the winter series of Love Island and was initially paired up with Callum Jones before he returned from Casa Amor with new girl Molly and delivered us the classic line “congrats hun”. In her Love Island column with OK!,speaking about Casa Amor, Shaughna revealed she knew what was about to happen to her during the recoupling, and that watching Casa Amor unfold on TV gives her anxiety.

She said: “I 100 per cent knew Callum Jones was going to come back from Casa Amor with another girl, before he entered with Molly Smith. They [the Islanders] get told what order to sit in from left to right. And while I never got a vibe about who was going to be dumped, I 100 per cent knew what was happening during my Casa Amor recoupling.

“I knew Callum was going to come in with another girl because my name was called out last – and the last one is always a shocker. Also, I was sitting next to Luke Trotman and the producers told him to move over to make more room. I think they were doing that to throw me off to make me think that Callum was going to come back and sit next to me, but I wasn’t falling for it.

“I feel quite scared for Casa Amor. When I watched the recoupling last year, it actually gave me anxiety and I had a bit of a mini panic attack. It’s a hard watch.”

Amy Hart

Pictured is Amy Hart who has shared her Casa Amor Love Island experience

via Instagram @amyhartxo

On TikTok, Amy has been sharing everything there is to know about Love Island and has revealed how she worked out when Casa Amor would begin. Amy said: “I knew because I worked it out. I am a Love Island superfan with an amazing long-term memory. So, I used to predict everything the day before it happened or the day of it happening. I said to Anton because we’d just had a double dumping and it was about four weeks in and there were six boys and six girls, and I said to Anton: ‘Last year this happened and then it was Casa Amor the next day’. And he said: ‘No, no no’, and I said: ‘I promise you Casa Amor is happening tomorrow’. Anyways it was, I worked it out.”

Before the recoupling, Amy explained how before returning to the main villa, the girls had an informal recoupling in Casa Amor to see which boys, if any, would be taken back to the main villa. She said: “That was a really long night because it takes ages to do Casa Amor. And if you know you’re towards the end it’s like ‘oh I don’t know, is this going to go my way?’”

On Amy’s season of Love Island, she gave us all the famous quote: “I was coming back here to tell you I loved you”. After returning from Casa Amor, Amy found out Curtis had been disloyal to her, which was a driving force for her leaving the villa. Amy has described Casa Amor as “the most horrendous thing ever”. She said: “It’s horrible. I would say get rid of Casa Amor. I know it does well for people and it’s good drama but as a person living through Casa Amor? No.

“You don’t think it’s going to be that bad. When it’s announced, you’re like, ‘Oh that’s sad’. When you’re there it’s torture, like torturous.”.

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Featured image credit via Instagram @shaughnaphillips and @amyhartxo.

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