Jailbroken phones and drinking punishments: Amy Hart spills what it’s like to go on Love Island

Dates can go on until five in the morning?!

Each year Love Island has us glued to our TV screens, asking the same questions over and over. Whether that be if the Islanders can tell the time or how much they are allowed to drink. Former contestant Amy Hart has revealed Love Island secrets on a TikTok Q&A about her time on the reality show. She has been answering her fans’ burning questions, including punishments for drinking more than they are allowed and secrets behind the Casa Amor recoupling. Here is everything Amy Hart has spilled about her time on Love Island:

Restrictions on drinking

Contestants on the show are only allowed to drink a maximum of two alcoholic drinks depending on the type of night it is in the villa. Amy shared that on a normal night which would be doing games, Islanders are only permitted to have one drink. If they are in for a long night like a recoupling or dumping, they would be allowed two drinks.

Amy said: “It’s one drink on a normal night and then two drinks if it’s a long night. A lot of us didn’t actually end up drinking in the end because what’s the point of just having one glass? Some nights it’s like I just want to get drunk; it’s been a stressful day. But when there’s a massive row, I always thought imagine that with alcohol. I didn’t actually mind, and there are no hangovers which is good, and then when I came out, I had one glass of wine and was on the floor.”

Amy Hart has shared secrets of what it was like to be on Love Island, including how much they can drink

Islanders have no concept of time

While in the villa, there is no way to tell the time. Amy said that she had no concept of time when she was on the show. When asked if they had a concept of time, she said: “No, but I felt like you didn’t need it because you got told when you were having lunch, you got told when you were having dinner and you had nowhere else to go so you didn’t need to know what the time is. As someone who is late everywhere, it was quite nice not being late for a change.”

During Love Island, Amy said that some of the other Islanders tried to use the fire pit like a sundial to try and tell the time, but she “wasn’t bothered.” Despite the contestants having phones, there were no times on them, and all that could be done was take photos and send messages to the other Islanders. “I think they were like jailbroken phones. All they had on them was your picture as the background and then you could just take photos and send each other messages. They all had a time on them, but they were all different and none of them were right.”, she said.

Drinking more than they were allowed

At the start of the shpw, she and the other Islanders were told if they drink more than they are permitted to, there would be a punishment. Amy let her viewers in on more Love Island secrets and said: “They tell you on the first day that if you get caught giving your drink to anyone, then everyone gets banned from drinking for like five days. So, then you’ll let everyone else down, so don’t do it.”

Casa Amor recoupling

On the fifth season of Love Island, one of the greatest recouplings took place. The moment Amber walked down the steps to see Michael coupled up with Joanna lives rent free in my mind. Before the recoupling in the main villa, the girls all had an informal one in the afternoon at Casa Amor, before getting ready for the evening in the main villa. Amy said: “That was a really long night because it takes ages to do Casa Amor. And if you know you’re towards the end it’s like ‘oh I don’t know, is this going to go my way?'”

Long nights in the villa

At the beginning of the show, long nights were “quite hard”, as they weren’t “acclimatised” to Love Island time zones according to Amy. When she and Curtis, and Tommy and Lucy went on their first date, on their way back Amy saw the time in the car on her way back to the villa. She said: “It was so late, and we were like ‘oh god we’re going to have to sneak into the bedrooms, everyone’s asleep’. But they weren’t, they all had to sit in the garden and wait for us to come back to ask us about our date and it was literally five o’clock in the morning. But once you get used to it, it’s fine.”

More Love Island secrets Amy let her fans in on was that recouplings and dumplings can last until four or five in the morning. She said that the Islanders would be allowed to sleep in following a long night, which she assumed would be until 11 o’clock.

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