How do the Love Islanders choose their clothes in the villa?

They can ask for certain clothes and accessories

Love Island season eight is well and truly underway, and we are all once again in awe of the stunning clothes the Islanders get to wear throughout the series. Whether it’s Rosie and Megan’s revenge fits or Tasha’s cowboy boots, the Islanders know how to rock an outfit. For the past three years, fast fashion company I Saw It First has sponsored the reality show and has kitted out the contestants in clothes and accessories throughout their time in the villa. This year, in a bid to become more sustainable, Love Island has partnered with eBay, encouraging contestants to wear pre-loved clothes.

Jemma Tadd, head of fashion buying at eBay said: “We have a huge opportunity to make a cultural change to impact how consumer behaviour works when it comes to pre-loved fashion.” The clothes have been sourced into four different themes: blurred lines, dopamine dressing, Y2K, and love me forever. Viewers won’t be able to buy the exact outfits as the Islanders like before, instead, they will be shown similar items on eBay. But how do the Islanders choose what to wear?

Season five contestant Amy Hart has shared exactly how the Islanders get to choose their clothes. In 2019, before starring in the show, the contestants were given a £1,000 gift card for I Saw It First to buy items from the site and were also allowed to bring two suitcases full of clothes from different brands. Each week, more clothes get brought into the villa and the Islanders pick out what they wanted to wear. Amy said: “Every week we were sent in a little duffle bag with some more clothes in it that we picked out from the gifting suite. Or we told them ‘I like neon, I like floral etc’ and they would send it in.”

Following the move to eBay, Amy shared that in the girls dressing room, there is a “pre-loved closet”, filled with different clothes and accessories the Islanders are being encouraged to wear, share and re-wear, “to save the planet and help and hopefully encourage other people to re-wear stuff as well.”, she said.

Former contestants have praised the show’s move to more sustainable fashion. Ex-Islander Brett Staniland said: “This feels like a big step in the right direction and I’m extremely proud and happy to see this change!”

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