We’re back! Couple up with these 41 memes about the first episode of Love Island 2022

We all know Gemma is GASPING to spill who her dad is

Love Island 2022 has kicked off with its first episode last night and that means one thing and one thing only – the balancing act of trying to watch the show and keep up with the memes has commenced.

Last night the memes were on fire. None of us could get over Gemma only being 19, her clearly wanting to scream from the villa rooftop that her dad is Michael Owen and it was very clear that all the couples the public put together were deeply, deeply unimpressed with that decision.

The drama is back in full swing! Here are all the best memes and reactions to the first episode of Love Island 2022.

1. Poor guy x

2. Make it make sense???

3. Patiently waiting x

4. We see right through you!!

5. Hun PLS

6. Awks


8. Just let it out go ON


10. This won’t even pay the bills!!

11. Love Island is my favourite song x

12. Truth

13. 👀

14. Surely???

15. Love that from him x

16. Much to think about

17. The sad sad truth

18. This feels illegal!!!!

19. Sigh

20. What is going on here???


22. Loooool

23. I’m really not sure how I feel

24. It’s a full time job!!!

25. Certainly not me!!!

26. Found him!!!!

27. Justice!!!!

28. I think… lies

29. She is most certainly NOT happy


31. Tbf, I would buy

32. Ummmmmm

33. Yikes

Memes and reactions to the first episode of Love Island 2022 last night

34. Bring! Her! Back!

35. A bit uncomfortable x

36. I don’t think he gets it x

37. Cursed!!!!!

38. Pls

39. BYE

40. I promise! I am so happy!

41. Give them hell x

Love Island 2022 starts on ITV2 at 9pm on Monday 6th June. For all the latest Love Island news, memes, quizzes and gossip – follow The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook. 

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