Luca Love Island tattoo

Luca from Love Island has a Winston Churchill tattoo on his forearm and everyone’s got the ick

‘How can you go from Muhammad Ali to Winston Churchill on one arm?’

I was really starting to fancy Luca. Luca Bish who sells fish. I’d seen the tattoos and chose to turn a blind eye. Even the one of the year 1995, despite the fact he’s only 23 years old. But yesterday, I saw a sight so horrifying that it stopped me in my tracks: On one  of the Love Island press pictures, it can be clearly seen that amongst the jumble sale of tattoos on his body, Luca from Love Island has a Winston Churchill portrait tattoo on his forearm. What the ‘four lads in jeans’ is going on here, may I ask?


I was looking through the ITV press pictures on their press centre website, and clocked this one of Luca that hasn’t been anywhere on his social media. I looked at his Instagram and noticed all the pictures used were ones where the offending tattoo was out of view. My eyes popped out of my skull when I first clapped eyes on Churchill lurking on a forearm, so naturally, I had to tell Twitter.

The response was… varied to say the least. In the replies, people had a lot to say. “Walking red flag, walking red flag,” one said, with another coming through with a damning “I didn’t notice this. Now I know I have bad taste in men, confirmed.” One referenced the mayhem of Luca’s torso canvas, saying “How the fuck do you go from Muhammad Ali to Winston Churchill on one arm?”

Not everyone was getting the ick for Luca over his Churchill tattoo, though, and he had his defenders amongst Love Island fans. “What’s wrong with Winston Churchill?” and another saying “Cracking tattoo if you ask me 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.” It’s worth noting that all of these people had England flags in their Twitter bios.

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Featured image courtesy of ITV.

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