All the 2022 Love Islanders’ first Instagram posts compared to their most recent

Indiyah in her green hair era is EVERYTHING

There is one thing Love Island fans are good at and that is finding out every piece of information there is to know about the show’s current contestants while they are in the villa. Love Island has been on for a month, and by now you have probably scrolled through a couple of your favourite Islanders’ Instagram accounts to see what kind of lifestyle they had before going into the villa. But have you really seen what they were like way before Love Island was even a thought in their minds? Probably not.

We’ve done all the digging for you. Some of the current Love Island contestants have deleted all traces of themselves from when they likely first got Instagram but there are some golden photos you just have to see.

Gemma Owen

via Instagram @gem_owen1

Gemma has always been stylish, and her Instagram pays homage to that. It haunts me that her earliest photo is her at just 14 years old.

Paige Thorne

Love Islanders first Instagram photo versus before she entered the villa

via Instagram @paigethornex

Paige’s earliest Insta pics are from 2018 during her uni days, and I adore them all. Echo Falls vodka? Classic student. She hasn’t changed much and has always been stunning.

Indiyah Polack

Love Islanders first Instagram photo versus before she entered the villa

via Instagram @1ndiyah

Indiyah’s Instagram posts go back to 2018, making her 19 in her early photos. He first Insta selfie is big house party vibes and I’m so here for it.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

via Instagram @ekinsuofficial

Our queen Ekin-Su looks so different now in comparison to her early Instagram photos, but is still as gorgeous as ever. Her feed starts from 2019 and she has her side profile pose locked down.

Danica Taylor

Love Islanders first Instagram photo versus before she entered the villa

via Instagram @_danicataylor

Out of all the current Islanders, Danica is the only one who did not purge her Instagram before entering the villa. Danica has over 300 posts that go back to 2016, and her early posts are exactly what you’d expect of a 15-year-old. One of her Instagram captions says: “Here’s a kiss, kiss to all my haterzzz X”, I wish I was joking.

Tasha Ghouri

Love Islanders first Instagram photo versus before she entered the villa

via Instagram @tashaghouri

Tasha’s Instagram begins with loads of her dance videos, but her first selfie hints she has been modelling for a long time. She may have over 100 posts but there’s definitely some embarrassing high school photos sat in the archives.

Jay Younger

via Instagram @jayyounger_

It doesn’t seem that Jay has changed in the slightest. He still looks as though he was carved by the gods as he did back in 2017.

Luca Bish

via Instagram @lucabish

I refuse to believe Luca is someone who doesn’t use Instagram a lot. Luca doesn’t have much to offer on his Instagram other than his earliest photo being a cute snap with his mum from November 2021.

Jacques O’Neill

via Instagram @jacques9oneill_

There is something quite wholesome about Jacques’ first Instagram post with his mum back in 2016. He hasn’t changed much, just got a dog and grown a beard. I rate it.

Dami Hope

via Instagram @damihope

Dami has always been ridiculously stylish, why am I not surprised? Dami’s Instagram from his first photo to his most recent before entering the villa is all the same aesthetic and it is just him rocking the best outfits imaginable.

Davide Sanclimenti

via Instagram @davidesancli

Three words. Classic gym lad. Davide knows how handsome he is in the villa, and his first Instagram photos goes to show that he has always known it.

Andrew Le Page

via Instagram @andrewlepage

I am so here for Andrew’s glow up. He looks the same yet so different at the same time.

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