These 27 reactions to The Tinder Swindler are just as much of a rollercoaster as the film

Long live queen Ayleen!!

Last week, Netflix released a wild documentary film about the conman Simon Leviev and the stories of his victims. It seems like most of the world was hooked on The Tinder Swindler this weekend, and the reactions to it have been full of shock to the story.

The film tells the jaw-dropping story of how Shimon Hayut posed as a billionaire heir, Simon Leviev, on Tinder and used this to con women out of hundreds of thousands, all over the world. He seduced women by treating them to luxury gifts and a fancy lifestyle, all paid for by previous women he had scammed. In the film, Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjoholm and Ayleen Charlotte speak of how much they lost whilst being conned by Shimon Hayut.

Shimon called himself the “Prince of Diamonds” and lured the women to open up huge lines of credit which he would use to fund his lavish and luxury lifestyle. He would say he needed the cash as threats had been made against him and his life depended on it and would then disappear.

People can’t believe the story is even real, are hailing queen Ayleen who swindled the swindler, and have been questioning what they think they would have done, in the same situation. Here are all the best reactions to The Tinder Swindler on Netflix.

1. Me x

The best memes and reactions to The Tinder Swindler true crime documentary film on Netflix

2. She flipped the switch

3. I have nothing but respect

4. Where is the justice!!!!

5. We don’t deserve these heroes

6. Truth

7. I don’t think you understand, I’m obsessed!

8. When she said ‘Hi Simon!’ I felt that

9. Iconic

10. I don’t think so !!!

11. Get a grip, Peter


13. Who says romance is dead?

14. If Simon refers to his ‘enemies’ one more time I swear

15. This ENDED me loool

Best memes and reactions to The Tinder Swindler on Netflix

16. Good morning to Ayleen, and Ayleen only

17. I’m flattered Mr Billionaire, but are u ok???

18. Let me know if ur ok xx

19. My love for her knows no bounds

20. Hmmm, interesting

21. Not a single care

22. 🤢

23. Imagine hahahahaha


25. Savage loool

26. I strive to be more like Ayleen

27. Cecilie is a modern hero

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