‘In the name of god, go’: The best reactions to today’s Boris Johnson drama

Some really do speak for a nation

Everyone pretty much hates Boris Johnson right about now, and it’s hard to keep up. Today, the Prime Minister attended the commons for the Prime Minister’s Questions and was once again absolutely roasted.

In summary: Boris threw multiple parties last year whilst the rest of us were in lockdown. His excuse? Claiming he didn’t know the rules, when urm… he made them. Even “my dog ate my homework” would’ve been better than that, mate.

At first, people didn’t really know how to react to all this drama, other than take the absolute piss out of him. But as it all continues, everyone’s just getting fed up.

This afternoon, Tory MP David Davies stood up in parliament and recited the quote “You have sat there too long for all the good you have done – in the name of God, go!”.

As the world of politics continues to crumble around us, we took a look at the best reactions to all of this Boris drama, which truly encapsulates what the rest of us are feeling.

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She really does speak for a nation

Give the poor guy a break already!


A distraction? Noooo? Really???

MP do be baited though

Time to take notes from Maggie Thatch x

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