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It’s back, big time

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After a long and hard six year wait, Top Boy is back. This time it's on Netflix and there are a lot of new characters. Here's a rundown of the Top Boy cast list to refresh your memory and get you up to date with all the newbies.

Obviously some of the Top Boy OGs are back in their roles and don't need much in terms of an explanation. But there are a few fresh faces you might recognise from other roles, too.

Ashley Walters – Dushane

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Dushane has been a character since the show started in 2011. Played by actor and rapper Ashley Walters, Dushane is a drug dealer who returns from exile to Hackney. He hopes to take back his place in the drug market.

Kane 'Kano' Robinson – Sully

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Sully is played by grime artist and actor, Kano. He's also been part of the Top Boy cast since 2011. In the new series he's back in London after his prison sentence.

Shone Romulus – Dris

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Also a Top Boy original, Shone Romulus is back as Dris. Shone is 31-years-old and from Homerton. He was added to the cast after someone from the show visited his estate to ask people about life in Hackney.

Michael Ward – Jamie

Jamie in Top Boy on Netflix

You might recognise Michael Ward as Brendan from Netflix's The A List. He's now filling some pretty big shoes in Top Boy, as basically the top boy. He's top of Hackney's drug scene since Dushane has been away. But Dushane wants his title back.

Dave – Modie

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David Orobosa Omoregie, aka. rapper Dave, plays Modie. He was in prison with Sully.

If you haven't already heard of Dave's music, you might recognise him from the viral video of when he invented Alex from Glasto by bringing him out of the crowd to perform Thiago Silva.

Ashley 'Bashy' Thomas – Jermaine

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Another London musician in the Top Boy cast is Bashy. He plays Jermaine, the brother of season two's Rafe and also Sully's cousin.

Kadeem Ramsay – Kit

Kit is a new character in the Top Boy cast for season three on Netflix. He's played by Kadeem Ramsay.

If you recognise Kadeem, he was very briefly in Netflix's Sex Education as "OctoBoy".

Hope Ikpoku – Aaron

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Aaron is a new member of the Top Boy cast. This is actor Hope Ikpoku's first major role. Hope is 17-years-old and from Homerton.

His character Aaron is the sec­ond of three broth­ers. His older brother is Jamie (Michael Ward) who is much more street wise than Aaron. Aaron is more into keeping his head down and get through uni.

Lisa Dwan – Lizzie

Lisa Dwan's character Lizzie is another new member of the Top Boy cast. Lizzie is a privileged dealer, who has recently found her way into the drug game.

Simbiatu 'Little Simz' Ajikawo – Shelley

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Rapper and singer Little Simz, or Simbi Ajikawo, plays Shelley. In the show, Shelley is a young woman working at Summerhouse Estate as a caretaker.

Keiyon Cook – Ats

Keiyon Cook is just twelve years old, but already hanging out with Drake after being part of the Top Boy cast.

He's from Hackney in real life and plays Ats, who he says is "a fun­ny guy, but he gets him­self into a lot of mischief. He does things that he doesn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly want to do – but it’s to help his mum."

Ricky Smarts – Jason

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Ricky Smarts is a 20-year-old London boy having lived in both Peckham and Croydon. He plays Jason, a character who has had a hard life having grown up with parents who were on drugs.

Seraphina Beh – Farah

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Before joining the Top Boy cast, Seraphina was in EastEnders. She's a London based actor.

Saffron Hocking – Lauryn

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Lauryn, played by Saffron Hocking, is a new character for this season of Top Boy. Saffron is also known for roles in London Kills and White Gold.

Reniko Francis – Tyrone

Reniko Francis is 19-years-old and from Wembley. He plays Tyrone who is a small but vital part. He's the driver, so he's always there.

Giacomo Mancini – Gem

Gem has been in Top Boy since 2011. Giacomo Mancini is back for the role. He's also been in Ripper Street and Orthodox.

Jasmine Jobson – Jaq

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Jasmine Jobson's character Jaq is also a newbie in the Top Boy cast of 2019. Jasmine has also starred in the film Lie Low.

Alessandro Babalola – Haze

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Alessandro Babalola stars as Haze in six episodes of the new season of Top Boy on Netflix. He's also starred in the stage show of Macbeth.

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