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Love Island’s Frankie Foster: The rugby drugs cheat who now studies business at uni

Surely it’s not just me who thinks he looks a little like Lord Farquaad from Shrek

Arriving in the villa as one of the twelve new cast members, Frankie initially only had eyes for Meg before suspiciously decided to crack on with Samira just as re-coupling was getting closer. But hey, we don't know who his intentions, we hardly know who the bloke is.

Therefore we want to get to the know the real Frankie, and so have gone through his predictably embarrassing Instagram for all the deets. We know the most important question to answer is, "has he always had the same 'KPMG grad scheme' aesthetic?" Well, let's find out. Here is everything you need to know about Frankie Foster.

He's 22 and from Cheltenham

Frankie is 22-years-old, making him one of the youngest in the villa.

He studies International Business Management at The University of Gloucestershire

According to his LinkedIn, Frankie began studying the course in 2016 meaning he should be entering his third and final year in September.

He used to be a professional Rugby League player but got banned for doping

Frankie had an exciting future with the Gloucester All Golds ahead of him before getting banned from all professional sport for two years after a doping incident that occurred when he was 18 – testing positive for the banned substance Clomiphene.

So, he cheats at sports, but will he cheat on Samira? Despite the doping setback, he still plays an awful lot of rugby.

He now works as a brand manager at a gym

He currently works as a personal trainer and brand manager at Gym66 in Cheltenham.

What is very helpful for Instagram purposes, is that Frankie's gym has a big mural on the wall that says "gym". This helps all his fans knows that he is, in fact, at the gym. Possibly this is to reassure followers that it is really a gym and not, as it looks like, just a big garage.

Announcing that Frankie would be taking an extended holiday to appear on the show, Gym66 posted on Instagram encouraging people to watch their employee on ITV2 every night until "they find out his chat is very below par and he gets booted off". Nice.

He also models for a 'nutrition supplement' business

Frankie models for the catchily named nutrition supplement brand "Sci Mx". Though you'd think that after his previous incidents he would be steering clear of all supplements – nutritional or otherwise.

He's all about the 'banter'

As evidenced by his clear attempts to become a Dapper Laughs-esque internet comedian through these absolutely room temperature efforts at being funny.

He's met Chris Kamara

This is fitting. After all, his complete and utter u-turn from Meg to Samira when he realised Meg wasn't interested was, well, unbelievable.

He looks sexy in a hospital gown

I hope he wasn't operated on by Dr Alex or he would sadly have died from cringing too hard.

He owns a Barbour, obviously

The classic uniform of the rugby fuckboy that helps them perform that crucial double role of "folk singer debut album and diversified property portfolio manager." With coiffed hair and cheekbones like that, Frankie is absolutely the guy your best friend dated at uni despite your constant efforts to persuade her that he just wasn't right.

He's been to Ayia Napa TWICE

Scrolling back through his Insta, Frankie and "the boys" visited the Cypriot resort in 2015 and clearly had such a good time they returned in 2017. Yes! The lads!



As a special treat, here are some classic old pics of Frankie

Firstly, here's Frankie doing his best impression of a Wallace and Gromit character.

Now let's fast forward a few years and here is another pic of Frankie with the iconic gelled spiky hairstyle during his time attending St Marks Church of England Junior School in Cheltenham.

So that's Frankie Foster

Is he in it to win it? Is he really that into Samira? Is the World Anti Doping Agency too lenient on drug cheats? Whatever the answers, Frankie always looks suspiciously as if he's got a great investment opportunity that he can't wait to share with you.

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