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Ranking the Love Island boys by how likely they are to fuck you over

Probably very likely

It doesn't matter what Hayley says, Love Island is very much a game. There are winners, and there are definitely losers (Dr Nark).

The contestants are all aware of the certain etiquette they can choose to follow, but more often than not this etiquette is ignored. There'll be lots of people getting fucked over, and the boys won't hesitate to tread on other people's toes in attempt to steal their girl.

The real question is, which of the boys are the most likely to fuck you over?

8. Alex – The least likely to fuck you over

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He's just a wet lettuce, isn't he?

Alex is the kind of guy that cares way too much about the charming rapport he's built with the parents throughout the relationship to ever call it off.

He's the human equivalent of a small dog – he's scared of absolutely everything. However, the thing that scares him more than anything else in the world is the idea of hurting someone's feelings.

He'd never want to do anything to tread on anyone's toes, he'll always put other people's happiness ahead of his, and he literally saves lives for a living. There's no way he's going to ruin lives on his day off.

How Alex will fuck you over: He'll turn off the life support machine. But he'll apologise profusely whilst he does it.

7. Wes

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You're not to throw Pritt Stick, are you Wesley?

Within one week of being on Love Island, Wes was transferred to Loyalty Island which is where he met Laura. Since then, they've opened up about the idea of getting married and thought long and hard about their future together.

For a 20-year-old, he doesn't seem to be too scared of commitment and he's shown that he'll go the extra mile to make his teacher – oops, girlfriend – happy. The last thing he wants to do is get sent to the headteacher's office (the boys bedroom for a talking to), so you're probably safe with Wes.

How Wes will fuck you over: You'll be sat there one day signing each other into your will. And he'll realise he's 20, he doesn't need a will. He'll get cold feet.

6. Niall

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He doesn't back himself enough to fuck someone over

It's clear Niall doesn't have the highest self-esteem. He's been self-conscious about his ears, his inadequate body when compared to the likes of Adam, and even his lack of yellow shorts.

This probably means that once he's found his rainbow fish, it's highly unlikely that he'll do anything to jeopardise that.

How Niall would fuck you over: He'll say he loves you everyday. He'll never let you forget it. But then someone else comes on the scene, and they'll be his favourite, much in the same way The Chamber of Secrets became everyone's favourite Harry Potter book. Then someone else will come along, and they'll become his favourite, much in the same way The Prisoner of Azkaban became everyone's favourite Harry Potter book. You get the picture…

5. Josh

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He just wants a friend!!!

Josh hasn't been in the villa for long, but one of the first things he said was, "there's not one girl in this villa that I wouldn't say 'do you know what, you could be my future wife'".

He admitted on his first date with Samira that he's past the phase of going around meeting as many girls as possible, and claims that he now wants to find someone he can settle down with and build a genuine connection.

How Josh would fuck you over: He'd accidentally fall in love with someone he worked with. Sure, he'd feel awful about it, but it's needless to say that he broke your heart.

4. Jack

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He's done it before, so he'll do it again!!

Jack is certainly a sweetheart. Him and Dani seem to be a match made in heaven, and at this moment in time it looks as though nothing could go wrong with the two of them.

However, it was revealed very early on in the show that Jack has cheated on all of his past girlfriends (what, he's only had two??), so we have no reason to believe that he won't be any different this time.

How Jack would fuck you over: He's perfect. The relationship is perfect. Everything is perfect, until he goes out on a big one with the lads and ends up getting with a girl he can't remember the name of the morning after.

3. Charlie

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I mean, come on. Samira said herself that they'd spoken on a dating app in the past but never ended up meeting or talking again.

This shows how Charlie will move from girl to girl, never really settling down, and never providing an honest reason when he wants to call something off.

He's also a self-proclaimed advocate of the four-way kiss, so…

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His Tinder screening process is harsher than the Means Test

How Charlie would fuck you over: You'll have met on Tinder, exchanged numbers, and continued talking on a regular basis. Things are going really well – you have a lot in common and you make each other laugh. It will turn out that he's also been messaging six other girls he met on Tinder alongside you, and you'll come to realise you're not as special to him as he first made out.

2. Adam

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He'll always think he do better

Just look at Adam. Nobody can be that good-looking and not capable of fucking someone over. He's the classic guy that knows he's a catch, so won't hesitate to call it off if he sees someone he'd rather be with. This was exemplified when he decide to dump Kendall because things weren't progressing at the rate he'd have liked them to.

Also, he's definitely fucked over Rosie in some way, shape or form, so basically he's just very likely to fuck you over indeed.

How Adam would fuck you over: He'd start off making all the effort you'd want him to. You'll spend months going out on nice dates, eating in fancy restaurants and talking about what the future holds. The next thing you'll find is that you've been sent a photo from your friend who saw him on a night out, dancing and kissing another girl. Game over.

1. Eyal – The MOST likely to fuck you over

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He's the ultra snake

Eyal isn't fooling anyone with his zen, laid back vibes anymore. He's shown everyone that he'll fuck someone over in a heartbeat if he needs to.

He's proven himself to be a world class cock-block, and his confidence levels are animalistic, meaning he'll literally get with the girl you like right in front of your eyes and just to let you know that the game is on.

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Cock-block mode ON

Eyal also made it very clear to Hayley in the first episode that the whole competition was just a game to him, and once again to Josh after his date with Megan saying, "you've gotta do what you've gotta do in this game".

He definitely won't be playing by the rules.

How Eyal would fuck you over: After dating for two months, Eyal would get withdrawals from travelling the globe and head back to his 'roots' in Vietnam, all in attempt to win over a girl he met on a shoot out there.