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These dramatic Love Island contestants’ glow ups prove there’s still hope for us all

Who even were you pre-Love Island 2018?

The Love Island production team work hard to pick the UK's fittest boys and girls to take part on the show, we all know that. But they're not born that way. All of the contestants have been the Rainbow Fish and learnt to show their magical colours after deciding the Insta famous life was for them.

A few of the cast members' old pictures have been appearing on Twitter and people are shocked at the transformations. I mean, a little nip and tuck here and there helps to improve the look for the cameras, as well as going to the gym like 10 times a week. But however they did it, we've found you our favourite pics of the dramatic transformations the cast have made from their pre-Love Island era to now. Enjoy.


The villa's resident #deep boy has definitely been one of the most popular contestants amongst female viewers. But before he grew out his natural curls and started doing yoga, he was just your normal secondary school lad! Except for the fact that he was also modelling then, he just looked way younger and not quite as fit.


Shooting @mrpfashion //

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Land of dreams // by @louisdanielbotha

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The newest boy on the block has had quite the transformation! Now this is what I call a Rainbow Fish glow up.


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Cheeky pen salesman, Jack has decided to give up on the boxing and decided to embrace the full-on Essex looks, bright white teeth and all.


Hola amigos

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Great session again tonight can't wait to box again in September

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4 days to go @loveisland

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Our baby Niall is yet to become his best self. He's already made the big move of pinning his ears back to improve his look and, you know what? He looks great. He's made the tactical move of deleting all his old Instagram pics so we weren't able to feast our eyes on his glow up for real.

He's assured us he's an investment piece, so we've got our money on him having a major glow up in his post-Love Island era.




The ONLY DANCER IN THE VILLA has been through the classic embarrassing teenager phases, and has been brave enough to not delete all her old Insta pics now she's famous. I rate that. I do not, however, rate that hat.


Fringe .. ?!

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Slushhyyyyy #lovebox

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Okay, all I'm gonna say is, her face looks really different. Just saying. No comment.


Loved this day, winner of miss British Isles 2015 ?

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People gonna talk whether you’re doing bad or good ….

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Laura pretty much looks exactly the same in all her pictures, but one thing she has learnt over the years is that the OG Instagram filters are shit, and no one is really taking selfies anymore.


First let me just

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Lovers #irish #paddysday

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You know what, we all had a nerd glasses and hot pants phase. And if you scrolled back through my Instagram as far back as I did with Kendall's, I'd look a hell of a lot worse than she did.

This is a glow up of the highest order, and although I'm convinced she's using some kind of filter to make her eyes look that huge in her pics currently, you can't help but think it was a mistake to break off that engagement.


????? #fratparty

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