Edinburgh rugby players chant rape jokes at female students

The President has already apologised

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Oxbridge besieged by London unis in world rankings

The latest QS World Uni Rankings include eight of our unis in the top 50 and 19 in the top 100

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Students have already been conned out of ‘thousands of pounds’

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Literally everyone is fit

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Oxford acapella group’s Shakira mash-up gets tweet of approval from the lady herself

Oxford based singing group record charity single and get tweeted by Shakira

The McGangbang and the Butterbeer Frappuccino: The Tab tries secret menus

I took some of McDonald’s and Starbucks’ best secret menu items and gave them a go (and made up my own for a greasy chicken shop)

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Did she do it? UCL student in sick online rant saying ‘Hitler should have wiped out Jews when he had the chance’

Brutal anti-Semitic outburst appears on student’s Facebook page accusing Israel of murder and torture…

Battered! England cricketer Gary is off-Ballance and ‘absolutely fucked’ after test draw

Topless Gary Ballance is carried out of club after telling fans: ‘I’m not a cricketer tonight. I’m just a drunken bastard’

Student’s sheep costume became ‘human fireball’ after bouncer set light to it

He said: ‘I became a human fireball instantly – I can’t begin to describe the pain’

An American uni is giving girls extra marks if they don’t shave their armpits

And men can take part by shaving all their body hair off

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If you don’t have a ticket, here’s how to break into Glastonbury – from people who’ve actually done it

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They are putting graduates IN JAIL for lying on their CVs

As if there wasn’t enough bullshit in job applications already

I went to ‘London’s seediest stripclub’ and it was seriously depressing

It’s a pub that happens to have strippers in it

There’s a new documentary about freshers, and it looks terrible

Watch 12 freshers drink, shag and cry their way through the year

Rolf Harris stripped of honorary degree

Disgraced entertainer to be stripped of degree from the University of East London