Oxbridge besieged by London unis in world rankings

The latest QS World Uni Rankings include eight of our unis in the top 50 and 19 in the top 100


London unis are overtaking Oxbridge in the QS World Rankings as Imperial is neck and neck with Cambridge and ahead of Oxford. 

Imperial is now ranked joint second with Cambridge behind MIT and Oxford is stalling behind at joint fifth with UCL.


KCL, Edinburgh, Bristol, and Manchester are also in the top 30, marking the best performance by Britain in the 10 years since the QS league tables began.

Overall the UK makes up 44 of the top 400 unis in the world with Essex, Brookes, and Aston coming up the rear at 400.

Ben Sowter, head of QS research said: “Tech-focused institutions are increasingly the focal point of a global race for innovation.

“With budgets from public sources increasingly coming under strain, institutions seem more focused than ever on potentially lucrative research in science, technology and medicine.”


Cambridge comes in at joint second with Imperial

Imperial’s top brass see research improvements responsible for pipping Oxford in the prestigious uni rankings.

The uni is currently leading research into invisibility cloaks, artificial DNA, and edible water bottles.


Oxford dunces have fallen behind to joint fifth place in the QS World Rankings

Prof Alice Gast, the new president of Imperial, said: “Imperial has a rare ability to turn outstanding research into discoveries that have a real impact on the world.”

UCL's student Conservative society is the oldest in the UK...

UCL has tied joint fifth with Oxford

Cambridge, in joint place with Imperial, added: “This ranking, like all the others, reflects the fact that the University of Cambridge is among a small group of the most respected and influential higher education institutions in the world.”