Lyd Robson

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Beats the library


Don’t panic

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AKA The Hunger Games

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We asked students to show us their teenage diaries

And the results are just as mortifying as you would expect

Going out on Christmas Eve is really tragic

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me: nausea, shame and parental disapproval

Edinburgh finally gets good student satisfaction rating

EUSA still gets shit rating

BCOC: Big cat on campus

The library cat is the original BNOC

We found the most likely places to be the Chamber of Secrets on campus

And it’s probably in the JMCC

Edinburgh uncovered: The Bristo Square skateboarders

‘Some girl came up to me at 3am once, she was steaming but she knew who I was. We’re famous’

Hottest tutor debate fires up in the staffroom


Edinburgh VS Napier: Yik Yak edition

The war continues

Edinburgh’s got some serious tutor talent

Vote for our fittest prof

We don’t have the balls to cheat in our exams

Cheaters are a rare breed at our proud establishment

Edinburgh rugby players chant rape jokes at female students

The President has already apologised

Royal Dicks: Vet sportsmen chant rape jokes at Potterow queue

The President has already apologised