BCOC: Big cat on campus

The library cat is the original BNOC

With exam season looming, and the amount of time you’re spending in the library increasing tenfold, Library Cat, in his perfectly cat shaped turquoise throne, provides some form of procrastination in times of high stress.

lib cat selfie

Despite being, well, a cat, the elusive Library Cat is arguably the biggest celebrity of George Square.

Having become something of a mystical figure, he even has his own Facebook page and devoted fan following.

lib cat

But who is the cat behind the fame?

Is there more to him than the judgmental stares reserved for the ‘hobo-chic’ hipsters smoking outside his library?

lib cat g sq

He’s been spotted as far as Marchmont Crescent and Rosneath Terrace, but Library Cat’s real territory is George Square.

Although he spends the majority of his time in and around the library, he’s actually owned by the university chaplaincy.

His real name is not something as cool as the widely speculated ‘Griffin’: it’s Jordan.

fr lawrence

A sneaky pic of Friar Lawrence, Library Cat’s owner

And despite popular rumour Library Cat walks past the notoriously strict library security in a “no fucks given” way, he is in fact so famous he’s the only animal at Edinburgh to be given his own matriculation card, allowing him special access rights to his territory.

library cats matric card

Eight year old Jordan isn’t even the only cat on campus. He has a brother, and according to Fr. Lawrence, he doesn’t allow the lesser-know Magnus past The Meadows and into George Square.

Magnus, Library Cat's less famous and probably bitter brother

Magnus, Library Cat’s less famous and probably bitter brother

And he’s not even the first; Jordan continues the legacy of many other cats to call the library home.

We love you Library Cat.

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