Edinburgh finally gets good student satisfaction rating

EUSA still gets shit rating

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A recent study by Which? University has found Edinburgh to be among the top 4 universities to offer “an all-round extra-curricular experience.”

We’ve been “rated highly by students in nearly all categories”, including sport, politics, creative opportunities and local nightlife.


Alongside Oxford, Cambridge and LSE, Edinburgh ranks in the top political universities in the UK. One of our vet students says:

“The uni has several liberation groups as part of the union including LGBT, BME, Women’s Group and Disability Advocate.

“Recently there have been Pride marches, anti-fracking and climate change marches.”

And, as a welcome change from our usual student satisfaction scores, 82% of students now describe themselves as very or quite satisfied.

Satisfied students

Satisfied students

One of our best assets is Edinburgh’s “diverse local nightlife”, with 79% of those questioned rating it highly.

Hive: A prime example of our 'highly diverse' nightlife

Hive: A prime example of our ‘highly diverse’ nightlife

As for life post-Edinburgh, 95% of our graduates will find themselves in work or further study with an average graduate salary of £22.4k.

Briana Pegado and co. didn’t get good reviews though – only 58% of you are satisfied with their role in the university.

Keep trying, EUSA.