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Clubbers of the Week

Deadline season’s finally over and you’ve been embracing it

We took personality tests at the Scientology place on South Bridge and all they wanted was our money

They tried to make me think I was abused by my uncle

The Edinburgh Christmas Market is the greatest thing on earth

Just think of all the Insta opportunities

Uni to offer postgrad scholarships to refugees…but only if they got a First

They have to be of Syrian nationality

Campus Style: ECFS Launch Party

There were a lot of cool people in vintage

Clubbers of the Week

Week 5 and we’re still alive

Side-splitting: The best jokes from the Fringe


What’s your favourite part of the Fringe

Bet it’s the queues isn’t it

Three convicted after vicious attack on third year international student

His injuries were so severe he had to miss his exams

What does your summer holiday say about you?

This is definitive

‘A wretched Hive of scum and villainy’: The best of Edinburgh on Trip Advisor

‘The place to visit if you’re keen on associating yourself with douche-bags’

We went to the ECA Fashion Show

It blew our minds

The last straw: EUSA bans strawpedoing at The Big Cheese


Edinburgh Playhouse sends porn to kids

They’ve issued an eXXXcruciatingly awkward statement

Edinburgh finally gets good student satisfaction rating

EUSA still gets shit rating

The Christmas Market is over-priced but we love it

Just leave your wallet at home

Edinburgh uncovered: The Bristo Square skateboarders

‘Some girl came up to me at 3am once, she was steaming but she knew who I was. We’re famous’

Edinburgh VS Napier: Yik Yak edition

The war continues

Edinburgh Against Humanity

First there was Cards Against Humanity. Then there was Cards Against Stirling. Now, The Tab Edinburgh brings you a rip-off of a rip-off: Edinburgh Against Humanity!

Furious Feminists Try To Sack Secretary in Recording Row

Secretary, Sarah Manavis, has her position recalled after secretly recording a private meeting.