Freshers threatened with removal from Teviot for swearing

‘Nannying’ EUSA strikes again

eusa swearing Teviot

Five bemused freshers were threatened with removal by a red-faced bouncer for swearing at Teviot last Saturday.

They were told that swearing is not permitted on student property. 11081829_10155362212565472_1204942322_nOne first year witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us:

“At about 8.30pm there were a group of five people sitting in library bar smoking area by Teviot and the bouncer of the front door came and said “No swearing here, it’s student property and that’s not allowed.”

“He walked off but returned minutes later, literally no one had swore – we were certain, and he returned and said “Right that’s your final warning if you continue swearing you’re going to have to leave.”

“Someone argued back and the bouncer pointed towards the exit.”

In a recent ranking of University free speech levels, the unpopular student union scored a ‘red’ for having “banned and actively censored ideas on campus”. Conducted by Sp!ked, the survey suggests that “due to the severity of EUSA’s policies and actions Edinburgh is a “hostile environment for free speech”.

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In light of the recent Strawpedo-gate, in which the already controversial student union banned the use of straws for the speedy consumption of VKs, this comes as yet another example of EUSA over-nannying its student population.

Controlling how students drink in an attempt to adhere to licensing laws is one thing, but an attempt to censor what they say is another.

When contacted about the incident EUSA were unavailable for comment.