We found the most likely places to be the Chamber of Secrets on campus

And it’s probably in the JMCC

Edinburgh University harry pottter

Edinburgh has long been nicknamed the birthplace of Harry Potter.

The Philosopher’s Stone was written in the now tourist-jammed café, The Elephant House, and JK even named one of her characters after a nursing lecturer here.

And the architectural monstrosities of DHT, Appleton, and the library aside, our campus and city are admittedly Hogwarts-esque.

It’s for this reason that thousands of people flock to Edinburgh each year, truly believing that they’ll find Harry, Hermione and Ron wandering down Nicholson Street or on a regrettable night out at Hive.

So the Tab wondered, if we were Salazar Slytherin, where would we have put the Chamber of Secrets?

Book Return in the library



Behind this moose in Teviot

teviot moose

We always thought he looked suspicious

LG Floor in George Square library

Students go down, but they never come back

Students go down, but they never come back

Conveyor Belt in the JMCC at Pollock Halls

jmcc tray return

Dancefloor in Hive

As if hive weren't magical enough...

As if hive weren’t magical enough…

Perhaps Library cat’s bum hole is the entrance. Who knows.