Ryan Barrell
Ryan is an Exeter graduate. He was the head of TabTV at The Tab Exeter.

Drive-by pizza theft in Fallowfield leaves man hungry

Imagine if this happened to you

QUIZ: How rubbish will your freshers’ week be?

Whether you’re heading to uni for the first time or going back for more, make sure you’re prepared for how shit it will probably be

The McGangbang and the Butterbeer Frappuccino: The Tab tries secret menus

I took some of McDonald’s and Starbucks’ best secret menu items and gave them a go (and made up my own for a greasy chicken shop)

I went to ‘London’s seediest stripclub’ and it was seriously depressing

It’s a pub that happens to have strippers in it

Like the city can’t hold us: London Pride in pictures

It literally rained on our parade but nothing could dampen our spirits

Wait, what? Going to uni is the USA is CHEAPER than the UK

This map shows that the US – famed for it’s expensive tuition – is actually less spenny than studying in the UK

I rub semen on my face to keep my skin looking good, but I’m more than a tabloid headline

Former glamour model Tracy Kiss tells us about her unique beauty regimen

Everyone is already sunburnt

Here are some pictures of incredibly red people to make you feel better about your own lobster skin

The uni gentleman’s guide to summer formal dress

A genuinely useful guide to cheap and cheerful peacocking for summer balls

Where did all these politicians go to uni?

How does the House of Commons break down by uni? Which uni produces the most MPs, and the most Prime Ministers? We’ve got all the answers to some very boring questions

How to make sure you get a 2:1

Forget flow charts, timetables and mind maps

Getting drunk can lead to over 6000 extra calories – how fat is your drinking making you?

PH fat

Which Pokémon is your uni?

Would you see Beedrill buzzing around Bristol, or would Kangaskhan be kicking it at Kent? Could Meowth make it into Manchester, or could you see Sandshrew schweffing around Sheffield? We’ve got all the answers to life’s biggest question

QUIZ: Guess the celeb at uni

Can you name the celebrity from their uni pictures?

Students are more likely to vote Tory than any other party, and more would vote Green than Lib Dem

Most students care about politics but feel ignored by Westminster, a Tab survey has found

QUIZ: What post night out snack are you?

It’s quiz time! Find out which late night nosh suits your personality

Pun-cake day

It’s almost Shrove Tuesday! Time to use up all that old flour you’ve got lying around. Try our favourite pun-related pancakes

Edward Snowden named Glasgow Uni Rector

University of Glasgow students have voted to name NSA whistleblower and world famous supergrass Edward Snowden as their new Rector

Neck & Dominate: The best of neknominate

Here at The Tab, we thought we’d remind you that there’s more to this game than shitty bandwagon hoppers drinking half pints in their kitchens.

Why you should only date medical students

Forget the jokes about medical students not having time for a sex life, dating a med student is the best decision you could possibly make