Kami Thomas
Campus Editor

Shooting at The Commons pool party on Tharpe St

There were officers everywhere

FSU confirms the ‘dangerous situation’ alerts we just got were due to a system malfunction

There is no ‘life-threatening situation’

FSU senior Rona Akbari gets shoutout from Solange for creating a mashup the internet went crazy for

Solange thanked her personally

BREAKING: Starting tonight, Pot’s will be open for 24-hours straight

This is what dreams are made of

It’s official: Potbelly’s has been voted Florida State’s Best Bar

They won our ultimate March Madness competition

VOTE: MadSo vs. Pot’s are in the final round to become FSU’s Best Bar

It’s a match-up for the ages

These FSU students are looking for someone to dog-sit their pups over Spring Break

They are sooooooo cute

Children’s Week in Tallahassee is looking for volunteers at the end of this month

They offer community service hours to volunteers

Vote to put your favorite bar in the finals to be crowned Florida State’s Best Bar

Your Final Four has been chosen

VOTE: Choose your Final Four in the competition to be crowned Florida State’s best bar

These are your Elite Eight

It’s official: Pot’s is one of the best trash bars in America

Top 5 ain’t half bad

Anyone who’s ever been in an interracial relationship knows exactly why race had to be discussed on ‘The Bachelor’

You can’t pretend to ‘not see’ race

The best Valentine’s Day cards for your special FSU someone

I don’t know what I’ve been searching for longer, you, or this parking spot

Someone spray painted the word ‘RESIST’ in a girls bathroom on the first floor of Williams

There was also an anarchist symbol spray painted in red

Quiz: How savage are you? Florida State edition

Your blinker wasn’t on, which means the parking spot is mine

Quiz: How Florida State are you?

If you haven’t pulled an all nighter in Stroz, do you even go here?

President Thrasher is advising international students ‘not to make any plans to leave the United States’

The statement came after President Trumps executive order affecting 7 majority Muslim countries

It’s 2017 and, at last, black people are good at acting and directing!

The Oscars have more nominees of color than ever – but there’s still some way to go

The best signs from yesterday’s Women’s March in Tallahassee

‘When they go low, Nasty Women go high’

TKE is hosting a round table on sexual assault prevention this evening

It’s a step in the right direction for talking about sexual assault on campus