Modafinil for sale on campus


Librarians and dealers locked in turf war over Modafinil on offer in Eddy B

New-age dealers are peddling study drug modafinil to struggling finalists in the Eddy B.

Over the last two weeks stickers advertising pills for sale have appeared on toilets, tables and water coolers around the library.

As this is a family newspaper, The Tab has obscured the email address.

The Tab has obscured the email address as this is a family newspaper.


They advertise an email address where students can buy the drug, which helps your concentration.

But librarians are waging a bitter turf war against the dealers, destroying the stickers in a bid to counter the influx of the drug.

The turf war gets violent

The turf war gets violent

Naturally The Tab cannot recommend the use of modafinil, but if you’d like to know more…

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