Hawking in Sex Club Scandal

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Science icon Stephen Hawking has been a very naughty boy by visiting a Californian sex club.

Prof Stephen Hawking has been caught red-handed having visited a sex club in The States.

Cambridge University has confirmed that Hawking, 70, visited a Californian sex club.

Rumours have been flying around that world-renowned scientist and Nuts bloke of the year 2011 Hawking was a regular customer at swingers clubs.

The Daily Record published an article earlier today that quoted a source saying “I have seen Stephen Hawking at the club more than a handful of times. He arrives with an entourage of nurses and assistants.”

But the Uni Press Office told The Tab that “it is not true that he is a regular visitor. He visited once, a few years ago, with a group of friends.”

Allegations that he was a regular were “greatly exaggerated.”

Judith Croasdell, Hawking’s PA told The Tab “absolutely no comment.” But in a general statement, she said the rumours of his many visits to strip clubs were “ridiculous.”

In any case, it wasn’t the first time international super lad Hawking has been found in such a sexy venue. Back in 2008, he paid a visit to one of Peter Stringfellow’s lap-dance clubs.

Megalash: Best British Bloke of the Year 2011. 

Stringfellow remembers that “I asked him how he felt about having a conversation with me about the universe or if he would prefer to watch the girls.”

“His answer was quite simply “The girls.””

  • Mr.Mm

    Give the man a break. Despite being severely disabled he still manages to excel in his field and has drawn the general public's attention to a complex area of study. If he wants to get a bit of ooh lah lah once in a while who can blame him?

    • Captain Innuendo

      he wants to explore black holes of a different variety

  • Armchair Critic

    THIS is your exclusive?

  • Top

    classic harry shulman report.
    love it.

  • Matty McBroide

    Waheyheyheyhey this professy hawking has been doing some secret shaggings!

  • Sesame Street

    Mate, so close with the spelling.

    • karl

      i hate the term 'mate' especially when anonymous

  • Massive


    • LAD or SAD

      Lad for going to a sex club? Stephen Hawking is one thing, but him aside, who knew lad equated to sexually insecure sad act that gets his little willy hard from the power to pay women to be naked

    • LAD or SAD

      Lad for going to a sex club? Stephen Hawking is one thing, but him aside, who knew lad equated to sexually insecure sad act that gets his little willy hard from the power to pay women to be naked

  • That awkward moment…

    That awkward moment when you realise Steven Hawking is getting more action than you!

  • Agatha Tristy

    Why does the university feel it has to comment on this? It's nothing to do with them.


    This piece reminds me of the riveting article 'man does thing'. GREAT JOURNALISM

  • LOL

    Love how the "University Press Office" feel the need to get involved. What has it got to do with them? Nothing more important to comment on?

  • 50 Wings?

    I saw him in a French performing arts club. He was watching 'A Brief History of Mime'

  • Bantasaurus

    While I'm having my Tomahawk I like to sent dirty texts to various exploits, once I got sending texts to my mate's missus, they called it 'Sexting in Hawks club scandal'

  • Disappointed

    Regardless of disability, I would have hoped someone of Hawking's intelligence would know better than to treat women as wankbuckets. The idea that because he's disabled the response should be 'good on him, what a lad' is incredibly patronising. He's a fellow (I think?) of our university I'd expect better from him.

    • http://fuckyeahgenderstudies.tumblr.com Hatred

      Way to discredit the work, agency and lives of sex workers! Yes, i agree that LAD bullshit is patronising, but so are you.

      • Disappointed

        Nope. Some sex workers probably love their work. Some find it fulfilling, empowering, fun, whatever. There are also those who don't have a choice, who (for whatever reason) are forced into it.

        I don't think I have a problem with prostitution as a concept, but the fact that some people are made to do it makes it unthinkable to me – rape but where they pretend to enjoy it. There are some who'd actually enjoy it, but how would I know if that's who I'd bought?

        I know (or think) that Hawking isn't using prostitutes, but still to be using lap-dancing clubs is very poor show. You can't tell the difference between someone doing it by choice and someone doing it because they have to, and that should be enough for any reasonable person to stay away from them.

        • Are You An

          Idiot? I can't tell the difference between a corner shop owner and a terrorist, but I don't go around claiming that anyone who goes to a corner shop is supporting terrorism and that 'any reasonable person' should stay away from them.

          • Anal Ogy

            Hi stranger. Just passing through and felt the need to stop and tell you that that is the worst analogy I've ever heard. It's also (possibly?) a bit racist.

            There's no connection between corner shop owners and terrorism. If you knew that a lot of corner shop owners were terrorists and you didn't need to go to corner shops then yeah, it would probably be a good idea to stay away from them.

            It's a very fair point that there are many involved in the sex industry who are forced into it. Would you take the risk and be happy knowing that the girl grinding into your lap might only not be crying because she'd be punished for it?

            You're odd.

            • what

              Prostitutes, sure, but do you really think a place like Stringfellows is involved in human trafficking or coersion of it's employees? You and other people in this thread are acting as though Stevey H went to a brothel run by the polish mafia or bought a slave.

  • Giant

    There has been a massive mistake: Hawking doesn't like girls who aren't at least 50% fembot. It is his minder who is the perve and wants to get off whilst getting paid. The bitch.

  • Not Difficult

    this is one of the finest minds in Cambridge (and the world) and you would think his intelligence would make him more sensitive to the subjugation, exploitation and degradation of people with less money and status (the dancers) that is tied up to these 'laddy' venues

    • oh dear

      Man wants to see girls get naked, gives girls money to get naked. Girl wants money, is willing to get naked.
      Who is being exploited exactly?

  • Ron Burgundy

    This just in from Tab Commenters: women not allowed to be strippers because it is unfeminist.
    More on that after this startling new evidence below that feminists continue to feel it more important to dictate the actions of women in countries where women are free to do what they want rather than making any effort to help women get that choice in countries where women aren't.

    • Ron Burgundy.

      I'm Ron Burgundy?

    • Feminist

      I find it utterly scandalous that this comment does not yet have a positive rating.

    • RES

      I have a statistically unbacked hunch that the majority of sex-industry workers in the UK are immigrants who are better paid for lap-dancing than working in Sainsbury's. So it's not really about people from the UK.

      I don't see why people can't be angry about the 'free choices' of women in their own country and still rage at the same time about the actual treatment of women in other countries. Isn't your free choice majorly influenced by the choices that your society deems it right to make? It's not like you're born with the innate power to choose whether you join the sex industry, only intellectually develop because you're surrounded by other people and their opinions.

  • twitter

    Feminists bugger off. I bet you all of the women in Stringfellows choose to be there. There are lots more women throughout the world more deserving of your attention.

    • Mr.Mm

      One of my fresher's week experiences was being shouted at by a feminist (I assume) student because I held a door open for her even though it's something I would do for anyone. All I could think was there are women being oppressed throughout the world and all you can do is attack someone for not wanting a door to slam in your face.

      I deeply respect women so my first comment about leaving Hawking's private behaviour alone was not intended to be 'laddish'. The man has an horrific disability. In a free society women can choose to be lawyers, doctors, artists or, indeed, work in the adult industry (as can men). Why can't we consider the possibility that the women who performed for Hawking on that occasion had the chance to bring a bit of lightness into a difficult life by simply taking their clothes off? Yes, some women are exploited in this field and it's awful but some women clearly enjoy it as well. Perhaps that makes us uneasy.

      • Daily Mail

        Genuine story. I was in Newnham College and a girl gave me huge evils for holding a door open for her. Weird…

  • Jamie Patmore

    I would go to a strip club but I'm too busy macking on Ella

  • No one?

    Can he get a boner?

    • Posh Nosh

      why don't you ask him


    Tab discovers that Hawking is human. The horror! Who told him about girls?!


      BREAKING NEWS discovers that humanity is characterised by paying to see tits.

      • breakingerer news

        d'you know what, yeah. maybe it is.

  • Sexy new book

    A Briefs History of Time

  • ISpeakForTheStudents

    NOT COOL guys! I think we should OCCUPY Stephen Hawking's wheelchair until he changes his ways! We have nothing to lose but our chains guys!

  • Ricky Alty

    As a teetotaler, I see an inextricable link between alcohol and inappropriate sexual behaviour. Mr Hawking looks a little worse for wear in the photo above. And look at the furore caused by his behaviour! However, being male, I understand that we have our needs- perhaps Stephen would appreciate his visits even more whilst sober. All power to the red-blooded (sober) male!

  • http://www.ikincielesyaalanlar.info/ ikinci el e?ya

    Are there any girls that do not like

    • Sanguinello Jones

      What. The. Fuck.

  • eh?

    why has this climbed to most read?

  • Mallory LaSquirelle

    The misinformation around the web is horrendous. Thanks for clearing that up.

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