Here are all the Covid rules at Morrell, Fairhurst and Burton libraries this term

Because where else will you have your 2am essay crisis?

Although a lot has changed throughout the pandemic, one thing has remained constant, the uni library.

But what are the rules for the library this term? As stated on the library’s visiting page: “Our main priority is making our services work for everyone whilst keeping everyone safe, and we’d really like your help with this.”

So here’s a rundown of all the Covid recommendations at the Morrell, Fairhurst, and Burton libraries this term.

Wear a face covering

Whilst since July 19th, there has no longer been a legal requirement to wear face coverings indoors, the library still strongly recommends you wear a face mask, particularly when moving around the building, to help keep others safe.

Maintain social distancing

As with face coverings, almost all legal restrictions have been lifted on the capacity of people in indoor areas. Despite this, the library encourages “everyone to give each other space and help people feel comfortable” by keeping your distance.

Book a study space

In order to study in any of the libraries, you are still required to book a space in advance. This can be done here from up to three days in advance. However, you no longer need to show your booking upon entry.

Group study spaces are also now available to book again

Keep the windows open

In line with NHS regulations, the library requests that you keep the windows open in order to increase ventilation. Signs on windows read: “Help keep us open, by keeping me open.”

Use hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is still dotted around the library buildings and therefore you are still encouraged to sanitise your hands regularly.

Track and Trace

Scanning the Track and Trace QR code is no longer required upon entering the library but you can still do so if you wish.

Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking are now permitted in the library again but this is limited to hot and cold drinks in lidded containers and cold food only in Morrell, bottled water only in Burton, and hot and cold food and drinks in Fairhurst.

The University Covid-19 information and library Covid-19 regulations can be found here in full.

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