York came 18th in this year’s uni rankings but here’s 18 reasons why it’s the best uni

The rankings obviously don’t include important factors like the quality of ducks

The Complete University Guide ranks UK universities based on a number of factors including student satisfaction, entry standards, graduate prospects, and quality of research.

Now, these parameters are obviously important but they neglect to consider the most important factors like quality and quantity of ducks, the size of artificial lakes, and the beauty of the city.

In the most recent edition of this ranking, the University of York came in at a respectable 18th and number one in the Yorkshire and Humber area. However, as we’re all aware by now, no other uni comes close.

To prove this we decided it was only right to compile a list of the top 18 reasons we should be number one (or at least above Lancaster.)

18. Nightlife

York might not be known for its nightlife in the same way that Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle are but it’s not as bad as you may believe. There’s something amazing about agreeing on a night out and knowing your entire seminar group, sports team, and the awkward one night stand you had last week will all be in the same club.

17. Kuda

Who doesn’t love a good tiki bar? Well what’s better than a tiki bar? A tiki bar with a random camper van of course. The news that Kuda is back for good after closing in March 2020 really had me more excited than the Euros.

16. Salvos

Wednesday Salvos is a right of passage for any fresher. What better way to spend a Wednesday evening than drinking every flavor of VK imaginable in some thrown-together fancy dress.

Controversial that I put Salvos as better than Kuda? Just you keep reading.

15. The YorkyPud wrap

You remember 2017 right? When the Yorkshire pudding wrap thing went viral? Well, the true Yorkshire delicacy actually originated in York. So good luck getting an authentic one anywhere other than at the YorkRoast Co.

14. Salt and Pepper

Whilst its name might have changed (What the hell is York Pizza and Kebabs?) at least its cheesy chips and gravy remain. There is no better way to end a Wednesday night out at Salvos, than with cheesy chips.

13. Blue Shits

Another York specialty, four quid treble vodka shot and something blue. What else do you need to know? Good luck trying to find the loos x

12. Society

It’s just a nicer version of Salvos and it’s just as close to Salt and Pepper.

11. The college system

Like some of our fellow top UK unis, we are a collegiate university. However, we don’t make a big deal about it and it really is more of an icebreaker for freshers. That being said, it does create a nice sense of community, assists in networking, and helps you know who to avoid on a night out *cough Derwent cough*

Freshers have had to find new ways of having fun this year.

10. Roses and College Varsity

Nothing breeds community spirit like rivalry and hate. These annual Inter-University competitions go far beyond the Oxford-Cambridge boat race, and are a great way to prove York’s sporting supremacy over Lancaster and Durham. PS Roses are white x

9. The campus (well some of it)

For every King’s Manor and Heslington Hall that adorn our campus, we unfortunately have a concrete spaceship and Derwent’s many accommodation blocks. But more important than the architecture is the landscaping. Full of green spaces, wildlife, and lakes, the University of York objectively is one of the most beautiful campuses of any UK university.

Speaking of lakes…

8. Campus Lake

Did you know it’s the largest plastic-bottomed lake in Europe? That must count for something? Right?

7. Greggs

Yes we have a Greggs ON campus. Now I’m more of a Thomas the Baker man myself but still how many other campuses have a Greggs? There is one downside though, it’s on Hes East so be prepared for a pastry pilgrimage.

6. The 66

A perfect place to throw up? Free? No, but it will get you from as far away as the wasteland of Hes East to town, plus its an essential Uni of York experience unlike any other. So sit down and get ready to join in with the obligatory chanting.

5. The city itself

Regularly featured at the top of the nicest cities to live in the UK lists, York is a perfect place to be a student. Safe, compact, and with all the amenities of a big city, York is a friendly and attractive place to experience university life.

4. The Minster

Although don’t get to graduate here unlike our city neighbour York St. John (not bitter at all) the Minster is a stunning building well worth visiting time and time again. From the amazing intricate architecture inside and out to Dean’s Park, York Minster is clearly the crown jewel in an otherwise architecturally and historically rich city.

3. Museum Gardens

Again, not on campus but the Museum Gardens are the perfect place to spend an afternoon enjoying nature and history. The Ruins of St Mary’s Abbey, Yorkshire Museum, and Hospitium all make for a wonderful backdrop to an afternoon stroll.

2. Waterfowl

York came second in the 2018 rankings of ‘Duck Density’ across all UK universities. However, it is clear we come first in waterfowl quality. This being said the geese are vicious creatures and they will punish you for making eye contact, walking too close, or breathing in their general direction.

All jokes aside, some of them are actually really cute and you can pick up seed to feed them in Nisa, makes a perfect wholesome afternoon. Just don’t ruin your new AF1s by stepping in their shit x

1. Longboi

Are you surprised? What self respecting York related article would be complete without a reference to our most famous campus resident  Longboi. If the Complete University Guide rankings considered campus waterfowl there is no question Longboi and York would come out on top.

The York Tab approached Long Boi for comment regarding his number one spot and he said: “Quack.” Nearly brought a tear to my eye.

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