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It’s official: Uni of York has the second highest ‘duck density’ of all UK universities

The only league table that really matters, and we’re in second place

The University of York's Heslington West campus is the second-most dense with ducks compared to other universities in the United Kingdom, according to a website documenting duck density.

The online league table created by two Uni of York alumni determines the "duck density" of a university campus by measuring the amount of ducks per "rood", approximately 1km squared.

The university with the highest duck density is Leeds, with 8.5 ducks per Rood. York takes second place, with 4.9 ducks, and apparently has 0.03 ducks per student. It certainly feels like a lot more than that when walking to Derwent past the lake.

York is followed by the University of East Anglia with 2.8 Ducks per rood, and then Warwick University with 2.3 Ducks per rood.

I know exactly what you're thinking: how is York not in first place? We have so many ducks that it's impossible to go anywhere across campus without feeling threatened by one (typically a goose, let's be real) that knows it is superior to you. Well, not to worry. The league table measures only Hes West, completely ignoring Hes East, home of The Largest Plastic Bottom Lake in Europe™ and therefore a large majority of York's ducks.

So yes, according to the official review, Leeds has more ducks…but if both of York's campuses were to be counted, there is no doubt that our "duck density" would be the highest in the UK.

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Classic York problems!! Leeds doesn't know the struggle!!