All the things I miss as a York student that are cancelled by social distancing

Yes, I miss you Wednesday night Salvos

This year’s freshers have never experienced most of the York wonders we took for granted pre-Covid. Think busy 66 rides into town on a Wednesday night, dancing to classic bangers in Society or turning up to an uncomfortable in person seminar, hungover and not having done the reading.

As we dare hope of a post-Covid world, here are some of the things that we’ve missed so much this term:

Chants on the 66

I never thought I’d miss my ears bleeding as a double-decker bus full of students scream their college chants at the top of their lungs but I do. Experiencing the Halifax freshers attempt to chant “Hali-Hali-Halifax” over the Derwent students screaming  ‘if you’re not from Derwent you’re a c**t” is an adrenaline rush that perfectly pumps you up for a night out or to annoy the bus driver as you chant like a cult at 3am on the way back to campus. An even bigger bonus is if you get roped into playing back-of-the-bus until 30 people are sitting back there whilst absolutely steaming.

Sweaty Salvos

The fact this year’s freshers have never experienced a Wednesday night sweaty Salvos and probably never will now that Salvos is closing is absolutely heart-breaking. You have not really experienced York until you’re downstairs in a packed Salvos, downing a VK and literally seeing the sweat drip down the walls as Mr.Brightside plays. I’d even take just a night in Society at this point (and not just for five minutes to get the wristband and skip the miles long Salvos queue.)

D events

Life just isn’t the same without Cabaret-D, Halloween-D, Christmas D and all the other D’s plus the inevitable drama (and the occasional broken windows) that breaks out after them. There’s nothing like watching the catering tables at Derwent venues being packed away and filling it with drunk Derwent students following a vague theme. Half of the fun was just trying to find something to wear for the theme, like getting your mum to send your old school uniform over for back-to-school-D or covering yourself in UV paint for UV-D. I MISS IT.

Crying in Salt & Pepper

There was nothing better than coming out of Salvos and then stumbling into Salt & Pepper for a cheesy chips as you witnessed all the drama break out around you. Yes, you can get places like Salt & Pepper and Efes delivered to your house, but it’s not the same as consoling someone as they cry into their chips in Salt & Pepper or sitting on the windowsill outside Efes, eating your entire weight in curly fries.


Another classic event that I can’t believe freshers have to miss out on. Spending an extortionate amount of money to dress up, eat a fancy meal and get absolutely smashed at an afterparty is a TRADITION that I’m mad Covid is taking away from us. Formal nights always brought so much drama, the inevitable cases of flatcest finally happen, tears and breakdowns will happen, but it’s always worth it for the cute Instagram pics and getting wine drunk next to your college manager.

In-person lectures

Yup, I said it. I even miss Spring Lane. I never thought I’d say it but I do. I feel bad for all the times I took in-person lectures for granted last year and just watched them on replay. The fluorescent lights blinding me at 8am after a night of drinking as 10 people cough next to you as your lecturer pierces your ear with mic feedback may not seem a desirable thing but recorded lectures from my bed just aren’t the same, although if we ever do go back to in-person lectures I will miss not be able to put my lecturer on 2x speed.

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